The classical learning

If what you want is an organized and systematic learning, Rosetta Course is for you. This app is the mobile version of the most recognized program for language learning, the Rosetta Stone. It is a self-learning solution that helps students improve both their grammar and speaking skills. You will eventually improve the latter thanks to a voice recognition system that is able to differentiate the right pronunciation from the wrong. Rosetta Course offers many different languages courses.

Gamification in language learning

Rosetta Course may be the most professional version available, but if your thing is learning a language while enjoying your leisure time Duolingo would surely be the most interesting application — it is free and nonetheless effective. It’s an online portal offering you a mobile application through which you can access its resources.

The system Duolingo is designed for those who aren’t too keen on boning up or hitting language learning books and work better with alternative stimuli or practices. Duolingo achieves this with original gamification techniques. Every time your answer is wrong you lose a life while you advance when completing units. Play for learning.

If on the other hand you wish to supplement your official studies or learn something specific, there are many applications designed for these purposes. An example would be Fude Samurai, a Spanish game that combines the learning of the 103 kanji required to pass the official Japanese exam Noken 5 while you kill as many evil spirits as you can with your katana. You will not become a Japanese native speaker with this, but the kanji recognition is one of the most complex areas to master this language and it will help you learn it effectively.

Whether you want a classical learning course or the necessary freedom to learn those complex parts of a specific language, you can always find mobile solutions to help you to complete this task successfully. The only thing is for you to decide which one suits best your needs to start learning.

A teacher in your pocket

A teacher in your pocket

A teacher in your pocket

A teacher in your pocket

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