5 apps to learn how to code

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The smartphone market and its boom over the last few years has given impulse to a field which was already extremely relevant: the programming of applications. More and more companies need developers specialized in mobile platforms and this has simultaneously encouraged younger and younger people to try the tools for writing code on their own.

There are success stories by very young and enterprising people and it shows at the developer’s conferences by giants like Apple or Google, where many participants are teenagers with a lot of ambitions and spirit. This is why today we will be looking at five mobile applications for learning how to write code, which help everybody wanting to start programming to do just that – no matter how young they may be.

  • Daisy the Dinosaur, in fact, is designed in such a way that even children can start to learn how the source code of an application works. By means of the actions a dinosaur can perform and a list of commands, the user can understand the basic structure of a program code by creating a sequence of commands which the character has to perform. The application is free and available for iOS.

5 apps to learn how to code

  • Another application oriented towards young people is Hopscotch, where we can use basic notions of programming in order to create character animations. The level of difficulty is a bit higher than with Daisy the Dinosaur, but it may also serve well as a starting point to understand the way code works, independently from any particular programming language. It is free and also available for iOS.

  • W3School Courses Offline is made for users of all ages who want to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and a variety of languages and libraries for creating web pages. Not only mobile phone apps require advanced programming skills: For a long time already, web portals have ceased to be static pages simply providing information. W3School Courses Offline is free and available for Android.

  • Java Programming Language brings us to more specific tasks, where the user simply wants to have a programming and execution environment for Java applications in order to start accumulating his/her first own codes. It also comes with direct access to all the official documentation and it is available for free for iOS.

  • And we conclude with an application called Learn HTML5 Offline, which teaches us all we need to know to start programming in the homonymous code language that has become so important for web applications which are compatible with all platforms. Like all the other applications we looked at, it is free and it is available for Android.

You can discover a few more apps to help teach children how to write code at Educatorstechnology, and finally, we do not want to end this article without recommending this video to you, where Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, will.i.am and many more talk about a “superpower” which is only being taught at 10% of U.S. schools.

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