Mobile Learning Awards 2014 will reward mobile initiatives in schools

** Education is in a constant process of evolution and adaptation to new technologies ** and, more specifically, to mobile devices. Teachers and students are taking advantage of the benefits that the digitization of content can bring in all teaching and learning processes. Both families and educational institutions are increasingly investing in technology and the numbers of adoption of mobile devices in the classroom are continuously increasing.

This second edition will have two categories, one for teachers of schools in Catalonia and another to students.

** “Experiences of educational use of mobile devices” category ** is directed to the management teams and teachers of schools in Catalonia who have, or are developing, some mLearning experience. The purpose of this category is to reward innovative experiences in educational use of mobile devices, which show the potential of these devices for learning, organization, coexistence and communication with families.

** “Audiovisual Short Narration: The school of tomorrow” ** aims to reward the creativity of students imagining **the “School of Tomorrow” **, through a visual narrative that makes use of a narrative technique by digital media.

Students will have to present a visual narrative of 3 minutes maximum, recorded with a mobile device (netbook, tablet or mobile phone) and edited according to some formal requirements of the contest. It can work with any genre and narrative technique based on the theme ** “School of Tomorrow” **. It has to describe the potential and efficient uses of mobile technologies.

Do not hesitate to participate in this new edition of Mobile Learning Awards 2014. If you are interested you just have to consult the conditions and sign up to the challenge. Go ahead and share it with other members of your community!

** Mobile World Capital Barcelona with the collaboration of Generalitat de Catalunya, the Barcelona City Council and the GSMA launched **, within the scope of the [program mSchools]( 107), the Mobile Learning Awards 2014. This initiative was born ** in order to reward those who use and experience with the educational possibilities of mobile devices ** (netbooks, tablets or phones) in school ** **.
This is one of the 5 awarded videos on the first edition, celebrated on 2013:

The mSchools programme is a multi-year, multi-faceted mEducation initiative by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The mSchools programme is designed to lower dropout rates, improve student attainment in schools across Catalonia and throughout Spain and, ultimately, to better prepare students as they pursue further education and employment in today’s digital world.

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