A few days ago we talked about the mTalent courses, an initiative promoted by Barcelona Activa (Barcelona City Council) and idigital (Generalitat de Catalunya, or Government of Catalonia). This project aims to assist in the technological competence of citizens, professionals and companies within the Mobile World Capital context, in order to promote these disciplines in the current labor situation.

To learn more about the program mTalent we have talked to Daniel Marco, director at idigital.

What is mTalent?

The program mTalent is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council and the GSMA as part of the Barcelona Mobile World Capital for the development of talent in the field of mobile technologies. The program plans to provide training to 7,000 professionals in mobile technologies until the end of 2014 through plans of different levels; from very basic training, in few hours, free and open to everyone, until specialized long-term training for professionals in the ICT industry, in collaboration with the private sector.

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at several audiences: young people or unemployed willing to acquire new skills in the promising industry of mobility; professionals or entrepreneurs from other industries eager to improve some sectors in their companies using mobility, and professionals in the TIC field willing to specialize in mobile technologies.

In this sense mTalent offers three different levels of training: the first one offers basic training activities in the Cibernatium of Barcelona and in different telecentres of the Punts TIC network; we have a second level of training aiming to enhance and update the knowledge of both professionals and unemployed, and finally a third level aimed at improving the mobility skills from ICT experts and professionals.

How did you come up with the possibility of launching a project like this?

Barcelona is the Mobile World Capital for six years, and this opens the opportunity to generate initiatives and projects in the field of mobile technologies. In order to develop these projects and initiatives, it is necessary to have people with talent, knowledge and skills related to this area. It is for this reason we decided to launch a project of such nature, so as to increase the number of trained professionals and thereby meet the needs of companies.

Initially we conducted a study to assess the actual needs and potential working opportunities in this area to fully adapt the training offer to the specific job profiles companies are demanding today.

Why do you think this is an important initiative?

To make our economy globally competitive we need to specialize and have highly qualified professionals and the specific skills demanded by the Mobile sector industries, i.e. the industries with the highest growth potential. We must understand training not as an expense but as an investment, as those professionals and companies having the knowledge and the talent will be the ones best fitted to meet the challenges and overcome the difficulties in an international environment. They will surely conduct the most competitive projects.

Talent is the key to success in the knowledge economy, and with initiatives like mTalent, we are committed to the greater good of people and the improvement of the competitiveness of companies.

In the current context of high levels of unemployment, especially among the young population, how do you think initiatives like mTalent can help?

One of the main objectives of the program is precisely promoting the idea among young people that the training in the Mobile industry can open them big opportunities. The mobile technology sector has experienced a huge growth in recent years, and companies related to this sector are creating jobs. Moreover, mobility can be very attractive for a youth used to these devices. The mTalent program sets the basis for expanding the knowledge of mobile technologies for those interested, and eventually will give them the opportunity to pursue a career in this industry—provided they work hard.

If you are interested in any of the courses, you are still in time. You can do it on the website of idigital where you will find more information about the content of all courses and schedules.

"We must consider education not as an expense, but as an investment" Daniel Marco from idigital