The first “graduating class” of mSchools trainers  concludes with a master class on creativity

Are we creative? Do we know how to innovate to achieve the outcomes we are after? Can we help students to think outside the box and achieve better results with their ideas?

The mSchools program’s teachers responded to these and other questions related to the creation and generation of ideas during the last preparatory session for the trainers who will teach the App Education-Mobilizing Information Technology course. At the meeting held at the Mobile World Centre the more than 80 teachers in attendance worked on their capacities as creators and managers of ideas thanks to the workshop offered by Incubio, the business incubator specialized in the launching of startups.

“It is necessary for teachers to understand how ideas are managed in order to be able to provide students with the creative tools enabling them to innovate and turn out projects of value,” says Marc Segarra, a consultant in creativity and collaborative creations at Incubio. The workshop presented hybridization techniques consisting of the creation of new products and innovative services building upon previously existing ones. This creative process is one of the simplest and clearest innovation formulas because it expedites the process, which does not start from scratch, but rather combines solutions that are already out there and have been implemented on the market.

With the aim of improving attendees’ creative intelligence and helping them to discover the creative capacity of teams and students, the teachers worked to find new solutions to cases that seemed unsolvable, and raced against the clock to propose as many ideas as they could for solutions to problems in a limited amount of time. According to Joan Domènech, a teacher at the Ramon Berenguer IV High School of Amposta, “we can transfer this methodology to classes in order to enhance the abilities of our students in generating creative and effective ideas.” Domènech also adds that “for teachers, empathy and interaction with young people are the key for building initiatives with actual projection from schools and high schools.”

The event, which also included the participation of Jordi Baldrich, deputy director of Community Services at Department of Education, Jordi Vivancos, head of Technology for Learning and Knowledge at Department of Education, and Pere Torrents, mEducation manager at GSMA, also served to officially present the communication platform, along with the experts and professionals collaborating on the project. More than 280 institutions registered with the mSchools program will begin to offer the App Education-Mobilizing Information Technology course in January of 2014.

The mSchools programme is a multi-year, multi-faceted mEducation initiative by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The mSchools programme is designed to lower dropout rates, improve student attainment in schools across Catalonia and throughout Spain and, ultimately, to better prepare students as they pursue further education and employment in today’s digital world.

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