ITWorldEdu & Mobile Learning Awards, meeting points of education and technology

The integration of new technologies in education supposes a great opportunity to create new products and services, as well as to improve the activities in schools and the performance of students. As time passes, more and more educational centres  believe in the advantages that mobile devices offer for personalizing education and taking it out of the classrooms.

ITWorldEdu‘s sixth edition, a meeting point between the technological and the educational industry, will be held at the Imagina room at Mediapro on February 20 and 21. In this new edition, visitors will work on the impact and the advantages of using mobile devices on the field of the education.

To improve and to promote the creation of new educational tools, ITWorldEdu‘s program will include a series of plenary conferences with experts in the educational and technological area, companies of new generation and entrepreneurs. The organization has announced a call for papers to encourage experts who want to take part in the programme.

This year’s edition will present different themes: Emerging Practices in educational applications on mobile devices, mSchools project presentation, the impact of mobile devices in classrooms, technological innovations in school and the Edutech’s cluster.

ITWorldEdu will also be the host of the ceremony of the second edition of the Mobile Learning Awards 2014. Within the scope of the programme mSchools, the Mobile Learning Awards 2014 is an initiative to reward those who has used and experienced the educational possibilities of mobile devices (netbooks, tablets or phones) in school.

This second edition will have two categories: one for teachers of schools in Catalonia and the other for students.

“Experiences of educational use of mobile devices” category is directed to the management teams and teachers of schools in Catalonia who have, or are developing, some mLearning experience. The purpose of this category is to reward innovative measures in educational use of mobile devices, which show the potential of these devices for learning, organization, coexistence and communication with families.

“Audiovisual Short Narration: The school of tomorrow” aims to reward students´creativity of  imagining the “School of Tomorrow”, through a visual narrative tool, a narrative technique of digital media.

There is still time for those who want to participate in the Mobile Learning Awards 014. You only have to fill the application form. If, on the other hand, you want to participate as a speaker in ITWorldEdu, you can send your proposal until the next January 12.

The mSchools programme is a multi-year, multi-faceted mEducation initiative by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The mSchools programme is designed to lower dropout rates, improve student attainment in schools across Catalonia and throughout Spain and, ultimately, to better prepare students as they pursue further education and employment in today’s digital world.

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