"Participating in the Mobile Learning Awards was a revolution for our institute"

Haven’t you still registered to the Mobile Learning Awards?

January 21st is the deadline to participate in the second edition of the Mobile Learning Awards, which recognizes the educational use of mobile devices, whether phones, netbooks or tablets. The last edition was attended by 44 schools that submitted a total of 92 films for the competition, both public and concerted schools.

We take this opportunity to interview Pere Salvador, Director of the Institute Alba Vallés, one of the centers awarded in the last edition of the Mobile Learning Awards for his work on Newton’s law.

Do you think that the future of education lies in the integration with mobile technologies?

Among other things it is clear that the future of education has to go through the integration of mobile technologies. The school can’t be oblivious to the new systems of communication and information transmission.

What changes between educating traditionally and do it through new technologies? What advantages do you find in the mobile education?

The change is strictly methodological. The subject and object of learning doesn’t change in any case. Nevertheless, new technologies open up, not a window, but a door between the school and the world. It break the dimension of time and space, allowing cooperation, collaboration and building learning methods among geographically opposite points of the globe.

What use of mobile technologies (Netbooks, Tablets, Smartphones) do you do in your center? How teachers have adapted to it?

All teachers have a personal Netbook. Classrooms are equipped with free fiber wired and wireless connection, an interactive whiteboard, as well as the resources provided by the web site and the moodle platform.

The attendance management is also solved digitally. Much of the academic and administrative activities and performances are solved using digital and online resources.

How do you rate your participation in the latest edition of the Mobile Learning Awards?

It was an extremely positive experience. It was a revolution for the institute, especially because it was a group of students of 1st ESO the one that won. The award and recognition received ended up with a big party. This is why participation in this course is going to be very high. We are going to present really high quality projects.

Would you recommend other centers participating in the Mobile Learning Awards? Why?

If there are more institutes participating, then we will have less chances of success… just kidding. I encourage other schools to get on this train. It is the only way to get students and families to live the school as the foundation of socialization and enculturation wich it is.

This second edition will have two categories, one for teachers of schools in Catalonia and another to students.

“Experiences of educational use of mobile devices” category is directed to the management teams and teachers of schools in Catalonia who have, or are developing, some mLearning experience. The purpose of this category is to reward innovative experiences in educational use of mobile devices, which show the potential of these devices for learning, organization, coexistence and communication with families.

“Audiovisual Short Narration: The school of tomorrow” aims to reward the creativity of students imagining the “School of Tomorrow”, through a visual narrative that makes use of a narrative technique by digital media.

Do not hesitate to participate in this new edition of Mobile Learning Awards 2014. If you are interested you just have to consult the conditions and sign up to the challenge. Go ahead and share it with other members of your community!

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