The 10 best startup accelerators for EdTech projects

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There are no more doubts about how much technology can help education. Applications and projects of all kind have shown us a promising future. But, what can you do if you have a great idea you want to put into practice and you do not have the necessary means develop it further? This is where incubators and accelerators enter the ballgame.

Just like we did a few weeks ago with the health sector , today we would like to highlight the 10 best accelerators in mobile education, or mEducation.

  • KaplanEd Tech Accelerator is the proposal from the US-american education giant and a good example for the tremendous expectations associated with investing in mEducation. Its accelerator invested more than 10 million dollars in its opening class of 2013 and all teams participating in this first edition were able to obtain new financing afterwards.
  • EdTech Incubator defines itself as the leading incubator for educational projects in Europe. Some of the most important education institutions in the United Kingdom (where it is based) participate and, even though they started working a year ago, its resources and capacity to attract talent make it a very promising project.
  • We must includePearson Catalyst. The multinational British publishing house is also promoting mobile education with its own incubator, which received more than 200 proposals in its first edition. Among them, only 6 were selected. In 2014 they will launch another call for proposals.

  • Imagine K12 has been a classic since the end of 2011. Located in the Valley, in Redwood, this is the world’s first incubator specializing in education and technology projects. Which is precisely the reason why they have an extra amount of experience and that should be taken into account. 70% of the participating startups found funding thanks (partially) to their support.
  • Open Education Challenge is a project dedicated to innovating education financed directly by the European Commission which includes an incubator as one of its tentacles. Even though the selection process has already started, it is certainly a good idea to keep track of it for the next edition.
  • Startl is one of those projects that draw our attention by the names of those who back it: The foundations of Bill Gates and the late Bill Hewlett (from HP) are among them. Without a doubt these names come along with tremendous resources to help an idea grow. Of course it is located in the United States.
  • The Center for Educational Technology (CET) reminds us that not all investments are coming from the United States or Europe. This non-profit organization from Israel emerged in order to support educational projects that are conceived in the little Silicon Valley which has grown over the last few years in the Middle East.
  • Having looked at this list, one question remains: What is the situation in Spain? It is true that on the Iberian peninsula there are no EdTech accelerators, but we do find various centers for higher education that provide students, alumni and other entrepreneurs with technology incubators. For instance, it is worth highlighting the proposals from La Salle and the Technova campus or the Universidad Politécnica of Catalonia and its Emprèn UPC program.

    These are just some of the most important startup incubators and accelerators for the education field worldwide, but there are many more. If only three years ago there was just one, today there are dozens. A fantastic outlook for good ideas and the creative teams behind them.

    • EmergeVentureLab is a three month program in London focusing on the world of education. It offers the possibility to work hand in hand with possible investors and the truth is that they already had a few successful collaborations with companies like RIM (Blackberry).
    • LearnLaunchX comes from Boston, the “Mecca of education”. This allows projects to be conceived in a privileged environment in close proximity to the MIT and Harvard. Definitely an opportunity to find investors, talent and first class mentorship.
    • Socratic Labs is the answer to education incubators that comes from New York. Among its first proposals we can find a project to improve the way education loans to students are handled. Apart from that, they have a campus in the City that never sleeps.