The healthcare team of Mobile World Capital Barcelona collaborates to one of greatest forums about technology, innovation and Health, in order to answer present and future challenges in health management

On 21st and 22nd May takes place the MIHeath Forum (Management & Clinical Innovation Forum). A conference gathering clinicians, healthcare managers and tech companies in order to find out solutions to bring together the scientific knowledge and management innovation to the market and enhance the transformation of the healthcare system through technology.

This is an international event that intends to find a response to future health systems challenges in a cross-sectoral way. These days Barcelona is hosting this forum, so Mobile World Capital could not miss it. On May 21st, from 12:30am to 14pm in room 6, the foundation will be part of “Industry Sessions”, a series of side events where companies will present and share their knowledge and experience about key issues in its sector. mHealth Competence Centre will explain what is mobile health and its bases, the socioeconomic impact that can mean for Europe and the different strategies and main actions that have been launched and powered by Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The forum offers the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with leaders and industry experts. The session by mHealth Competence Centre of Mobile world Capital Barcelona will also be a chance to discuss with the audience, the barriers and opportunities that exist on the implementation of mobile solutions in the field of health and welfare.

MIHealth Forum is already a reference event in the sector, with 1,500 visitors on the 2013 edition. This year includes also the Innovation Capsules Awards, a recognition for the most innovative initiatives and projects.

Strategies and actions to face healthcare management at MIHealth Forum