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During the past two years, we’ve witnessed how personal electronic devices designed to give information about your physical fitness have hit the market. First, the personal trainers from brands such as Fitbit or Jawbone were launched, and since then we’ve seen other activity measurers, such as (among others) the Sony and Samsung bracelets. South Korean Samsung, has, in fact, gone one step further by bestowing a heart-rate monitor on its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5. All you have to do is place one of your fingers on the back of the mobile and you’re away.

In other news, Apple has revealed that iOS 8, the upcoming operating system for the iPhone and iPad, will also keep an eye on your health. It includes HealthKit, a repository which offers users information about their physical activity and health levels. The data can be used in conjunction with apps from other companies (Nike was mentioned during the presentation), but it will be carefully protected and completely private. Furthermore, those of the apple hope that this information will be of use in the clinical treatment of people suffering from an illness. However attractive these devices seem, however, this market is just beginning to kick off, offering a glimpse of what’s to come.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to witness an authentic revolution. In the front line of this new batch of products will be, without doubt, Cue, a small personal health monitor capable of offering detailed information not just about your physical fitness, but also your health. Using this ingenious device, you can discover things like your testosterone and vitamin D levels, whether or not you have a fever, fertility levels and many more parameters. You can even tell if you’ve got ‘flu in a minute. The fact that a device not much larger than a cigarette packet is capable of all this seems to be a small miracle.

The only thing you need to do to tap into all this information is to provide Cue with a small saliva sample, nasal secretion or a drop of blood. That’s all. From this, this genius device will analyse and generate the same information you’d obtain if you’d taken your sample to a lab. But in order for Cue to be really useful, you’ll need to join forces with a valuable ally: your mobile phone. Without this, the data which the health monitor generates will stay permanently in its interiors and won’t be of any use in terms of discovering your physical state and taking decisions based on this.

In any case, there’s no need to worry. All you’ll have to do is install a specific app designed to communicate with Cue on your smartphone, and you’ll receive all the information that this device generates after having analysed your physiological samples. Once the data has reached your telephone, the app will organise it for you in the form of graphics that show how your health levels are developing. And, furthermore, it’ll suggest what you should do to improve your physical fitness. The video slightly below shows this miniature miracle in all its glorious detail. Cue contributes the lab, and your mobile the “brain”.

Maximum prevention and greater comfort

The impact that a device such as Cue can have on your health can be enormous. With its help, you can prevent serious illnesses with a rapidness previously unthinkable, thanks to the ability to discover how your health progresses day after day. And, furthermore, if an important problem comes up, you can detect it in its first phases in order to deal with it with greater efficiency. But that’s not all. Cue can be of great help in improving your general health; offering daily advice about the habits you should adopt and even which diet you should follow in order to correct your “weak points”. And, furthermore, its cooperation with your mobile telephone allows you to send the personal report to a medical centre if this is ever necessary.

But this device doesn’t just allow you to look after your health. It can also help to relieve the burden on the sanitary system in the majority of countries by offering users valuable information without needing to visit a medical centre. And patients can save lots of time by avoiding the common doctor’s waiting lists and having to move around GPs offices and hospitals. Cue may be the start point for a new generation of health control devices, which, when used in conjunction with mobile telephones, allow us to live in greater tranquillity and (in some cases) longer. That said, in order to get one you’ll have to wait: they arrive on the market in spring 2015, and will be priced at 199 dollars (150 euros).

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