Classic Summer Activity Books go Mobile

When we were children, it was very common to spend a good part of summer with little activity books full of exercises to do. And it seems dot-to-dots and spot-the-differences will never go out of fashion. However, given that we’ve seen how textbooks are starting to be substituted by their digital equivalents on tablets, why shouldn’t the same happen with summer notebooks?

With kids and teenagers in mind, these exercises for whiling away the summer months have also been updated, and, above all, digitalised. Today, you can already find some specialist apps for mobiles and tablets with these characteristics.

Sticker Dressing Apps, the digital version of Usborne

Perhaps because the holidays are longer than those in other countries, what’s for sure is that in Europe there’s an important market niche for summer study solutions; be these in order to prepare for the academic year ahead or to revise for exams and placement tests in September.

One of the most popular paper formats are the Usborne series, which have rapidly found their digital incarnation. Although they’re orientated at a very young profile, the Sticker Dressing series fulfils this function of out-of-school support.

Test your secret agent abilities with Splat the Cat

When Harper Collins is mentioned, your first thought is more likely to be about dictionaries than children’s’ games. That said, the publisher’s Splat the Cat app will help with everything from reading to telling the time. And you can even collect special spy badges along the way! Secret Agent Splat’s Mission is available for iPad and iPhone and is suitable for children aged four to eight.

Language learning and educational games

And what about French or German (or even Chinese)? If you’d like to give some special attention to foreign language learning, it’s worth trying
Busuu’s app for children or the popular Duolingo. It’s not the first time which we’ve spoken about apps for language learning on Mobile World Capital, and it’s true that they’re very useful in this respect.

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