The International Forum on Education and Technology, for transformative learning

The way we educate is changing. 21st-century children grow up accustomed to viewing and handling their parents’ smartphones and tablets, in such a way that the gradual introduction of technology into classrooms would simply be a natural step forming part of a process that this generation began almost from birth. Despite the reluctance exhibited by some sectors of society, at this point there’s no denying the evidence: today’s education should promote the creation and dissemination of knowledge in a digital environment. In this context comes FIET 2014, the International Forum on Education and Technology.

The FIET’s main objective is to uphold Catalonia’s knowledge and experience in Education, Culture and Technology, comparing it with similar records around the world. In this way, and thanks to reflections and joint work by renowned international experts, the goal is to create, based on a transformative vision, new models of education adapted to emerging digital trends.

The forum has been structured in three phases:
– Phase 1: The design and development of an online forum, whose activities – carried out by a group of experts from Catalonia, and an International one – will lay the foundations for what will be the final stage of the event: the in-person forum.
– Phase 2: A meeting of the groups’ leaders, who will share the lessons learned in the online forum.
– Phase 3: In-person forum where the results from the work done in the online forum will be presented, and different discussions, open to the public, will be held.

On 27 and 28 June over 1000 figures from the world of education, hailing from all around the world, will gather at the Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona to discuss the role of technology in the educational sector. Michael M. Roberts, on the Board of ICANN; Meghan Groome of the New York Academy of Sciences and Francesc Pedró, of the Department of Education of UNESCO in Paris will be the keynote speakers at this forum, being held for the first time this year.

Some of the topics which discussions will address at FIET 2014 are the need for teachers to be competent at the digital level, the educational policy necessary to enjoy a digital society, and new learning scenarios in the digital context.

In parallel with the discussions at the International Forum on Education and Technology, and for the duration of the event, there will be an Education Fair showcasing the latest technologies associated with education. The Fair, which is open to the public, will welcome teachers and educational authorities interested in digital trends in education. The mSchools program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona will also have its space: let’s not forget that through the “Let’s Mobilize Computer Technology” elective more than 6000 Catalonian students learned to design mobile applications for the first time.

FIET 2014 looks to consolidate the role of technology in the educational framework so that employing digital educational resources in the classroom is not something special, but rather standard practice.

The International Forum on Education and Technology, for transformative learning