Your Mobile: your greatest Ally in controlling Diabetes

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According to a report from the World Health Organisation, there’s currently more than 347 million people in the world who suffer from diabetes. Medical advances have been able to transform this illness into a chronic disease that can be treated in a way that sufferer’s quality of life is not too strongly affected. That said, it’s necessary to keep a constant eye on levels of glucose in the bloodstream in order to avoid the irreparable damage provoked by rising sugar levels.

Fortunately, your mobile phone can be a valuable ally when it comes to controlling this illness effectively. As such, mobiles can be decisive in improving quality of life for those with diabetes. But in order for this to be possible, you have to install apps designed to monitor and treat this illness on your smartphone. We’ve already spoken about some of these, such as Diabetes Pharma and Social Diabetes, among others. But there’s some far more recent apps which might also turn out to be very useful, such as the six we’ll talk about now.

Monitoring and follow-up apps

Your Mobile: your greatest Ally in controlling Diabetes

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Glooko is a free app designed to import data from your glucometer onto your smartphone, meaning you don’t have to plug it in by hand. It’s available for phones with iOS and Android. Another very interesting option, although it’s not free, is MyNetDiary: Diabetes Tracker. Just like Glooko, it helps you to keep your glucose levels constantly under control, and also reminds you when you need to administer insulin or other medecines. You can even compare the nutritional value and the quantity of carbohydrates that different foods offer. It costs 8.99 dollars (6.80 euros), and s available for iOS.

DLife Diabetes Companion is another interesting app, which, just like the others, was designed in order to help those suffering from diabetes remain in control of their illness, but with a different focus. This tool incorporates links to videos dedicated to diabetes, which help you consult a panel of experts directly. It’s available for iOS. Another interesting option is WaveSense Diabetes Manager, a free app which is also designed for iOS. This app is similar to the two first ones we saw, but its strength lies in the possibility of generating graphics which can show your data in a more intuitive way. Finally, there’s My Glucose Buddy, a free tool which combines the main characteristics of all those we’ve mentioned up until now. It allows you to keep and eye on glucose levels in your bloodstream, times at which medicine should be taken, features easy-to-read graphic displays, etc. It’s available for iOS and Android.

mySugr: diabetes with a dash of humour

Meeting any illness with a pinch of humour helps you to live with it much more easily. This, at least, is the theory of the creators of mySugr, a packet of three free apps designed to help you control diabetes in a more amusing way. Companion is a monitoring app, created to offer all the information you might need to control this illness, such as glucose levels, physical activity we should take, goals, etc. The second app, Junior, is similar to Companion, but has been designed expressly for little one, which is why it offers them a more attractive interface and games to mix things up. The final tool, Diabetes Quiz, mixes together a wide variety of questions and answers, which can be very valuable for anyone with diabetes, especially during the first phases of the condition. The two first ones are available for iOS and Android, and the last exclusively for Apple.

The European race against diabetes is getting close

mHealth Grand Tour is an initiative which aims to give health a boost via practices which can be carried out using mobile devices (compiling clinical data, patient follow-up, monitoring of vital stats, etc.). Its first event out will be a long cycling race, in which sportspeople with diabetes will be participating. The 2013 edition began in Brussels and finished in Barcelona, but this year’s race, which begins on the 30th of August and ends on the 15th of September, will follow a different route. It will go all the way from Barcelona to Vienna in a tour of no less than 2,300 Km, via four different countries. It’ll be real feat, in which participating sportsmen and women (some of whom, just like last year, are also diabetes sufferers), will set off safely and with flags waving high.

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