Your weekly grocery shopping, easier thanks to connected devices

Image | Hiku

You’d like to have some chocolate cookies… but, surprise! You go to the kitchen and they’re all gone. What would you give to have not just those delicious cookies in your pantry within a couple of hours, but everything else you need too? Well, you’re in luck, because in the 21st century, your desires will become a reality almost by just thinking of them, as technology is functioning to make people’s lives more and more convenient.

Connected technologies have been appearing in homes for some time now: through smartphones or tablets users can control different appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators, air conditioning units, or even security systems. The latest innovation is Hiku, a device created by the Californian company of the same name that aims to help families with the grocery shopping process.

Grocery shopping in France is much simpler since the advent of Chronodrive, a solution that allows you to shop using a mobile application, pay online and pass by to pick things up at one of the company establishments without even leaving your car. Since Hiku joined the equation in 2014, the process is now even simpler. All out of cereal? You grab your Hiku, hit a button and tell it. Or even better: aim Hiku at the barcode on the empty package, and it will scan it. All requests dictated or scanned are automatically recorded on the Chronodrive app of your smartphone or tablet, just waiting for us to make the purchase. And voila! In less than two hours you can go pick up your order. No more wrinkled shopping lists in pockets: you dictate, Hiku and Chronodrive make a note of it and take care of everything.

Thus far 200 Chronodrive customers have been selected to test Hiku at home. After letting them try it out for 2 months, these were Chronodrive’s results:

  • 100% of users still use Hiku to shop.
  • 38% use it right when they realize what products are missing.
  • 25% use Hiku daily.
  • 69% believe that Hiku is a very useful invention.
  • 66% of users prefer scanning products, while 25% dictate.

And, most importantly, of the 200 customers who were given a Hiku, 59% did not want to return it.

Hiku is so handy that it’s no bother at all in your kitchen. Its practical magnet enables you put it on the fridge door, though its silicone base also allows you to leave it on the countertop too. It runs on a lithium battery and is charged via USB cable.

Your weekly grocery shopping, easier thanks to connected devices

Image | Ikomobi

Ikomobi, a mobile solutions agency based in France, is the company responsible for Chronodrive’s mobile strategy, and that which facilitated contact between the company and Hiku to improve people’s quality of life when it´s time to buy groceries. Ikomobi has recently opened an office in Barcelona in association with Mobile World Capital, and continues to plan its multinational expansion.

A time will come when we won’t even have to interact with objects: the Internet of Things will be so advanced that appliances will communicate with each other to make our days easier. Science fiction or a real future? We’ve taken the first step to find out.