APPS&CULTURA DEMO PARTY: discover how the mobile revolution is changing the world of Culture and Tourism

Barcelona emanates culture. A cosmopolitan city with a wide cultural heritage, it is one of the most visited cities in the world and also the mobile world capital. But how do we publicize the city’s cultural offering to all the tourists who visit it? Can we provide our artists with greater visibility and put them in contact with other creators? Are apps a good tool for the promotion of cultural offerings?

The Apps&Cultura Demo Party will bring together at the Mobile World Centre creators of the latest trends in mobile applications related to Culture, Tourism and Social Networks, to answer these and other questions pertaining to these worlds and Mobile Technologies. The event, featuring free access, is backed by the Directorate for Creativity and Innovation of the ICUB (Institut de Cultura de Barcelona) and AppCircus.

The most innovative apps and designers in the Culture, Tourism and Mobile sectors await you on September 23 at 6 o’clock PM at the Mobile World Centre.

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The program

The Apps&Cultura Demo Party gives a voice to the creators of applications that are making a difference both locally and at the European level through a wide range of activities:

The six finalists of the European Creative Challenge, a creativity contest for tourism and social networking apps, will explain their projects in five-minute pitches, in pursuit of one of the event’s three prizes.

The developers of some of the apps vying to win the second edition of Apps&Culture, a contest rewarding apps designed to promote Barcelona’s cultural offerings and experiencing the city thanks to mobile technologies, will also present their projects at the Mobile World Centre, the epicenter of Barcelona’s mobile activities. Gina Tost will be moderating this second part of the party, which will shine a light on app projects designed to promote Barcelona’s culture and artistic world through mobiles.

After a pause for a beer and to take advantage of the opportunity to network with professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector, the cultural apps ByHours, Ommwriter and Musguide will share their experience and the challenges that they faced to consolidate their projects, gain visibility, and achieve their objectives.

The renowned musician and performer MENEO will add a final innovative touch to the afternoon by filling the Mobile World Centre with music created on his Gameboy. Are you going to miss it?

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