In March of 2015 GSMA will have the privilege of giving out, for the 20th time, the Global Mobile Awards, distinctions intended to recognize excellence, success and innovation in products and services in the mobile industry. On 3 March 2015, in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress, GSMA will distribute a total of 40 prizes in 8 categories:

Since their first edition in 1996 GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards have grown exponentially, reflecting a more and more extensive industry, in an effort to adapt to more and more popular advanced technologies.

The 20th edition will feature no less than 12 new prizes, devised to recognize innovation in emergent mobile ecosystem trends. Examples of this are the prize for Best Wearable Mobile Technology, for [Best Low-Cost Smartphone] ( and for Best Use of Mobiles in Retail, Brands and Commerce. Other areas of interest that will be recognized for the first time at the Global Mobile Awards are solutions for the elderly and the disabled; services and products related to the mobile industry in the fields of music, television, games and photography; and innovation applied to mobile operators.

A total of 40 awards are awaiting recipients among companies that dedicate their efforts to research in the mobile technology sector. The deadline to present products, services and solutions eligible to compete for the prizes in the different categories will be on 5 December 2014. For each of the awards a committee made up of independent experts, analysts, journalists, academics and, in some cases, representatives of mobile operators, will judge what submissions are worthy of prizes.

GSMA will announce the list of finalists for each category in early February 2015, with a view to making the 20th edition of the Global Mobile Awards the most productive in their history.