The way that we follow sports? Yes, the mobile has also changed that


Sports, in addition to being seen live in huge stadiums or pavilions are increasingly connected to interact with our mobile devices, which we normally consume on the television, radio, newspaper or computer. Of course, mobile devices are not missing out, as they can see the results in real time, highlights of the event and even the event itself.

How can we follow sports from our mobile? These are some of the best examples.

Data, statistics and results

While most leagues and competitions have their own apps, as is the case of the NBA, Champions League or Formula 1; it´s often worth checking out unofficial services, which can acculumate a huge quantity of data or allow you to follow different sports at the same time. Some quality examples are StatsMatch Centre (football), theScore (various sports) or FanF1Live.

The advantage of all these applications is that they allow us to follow various events at the same time, follow a competition and even in real time, all with low data consumption. Most of them allow you to set up a notification service, so you don´t miss anything important.

The negative side is that generally we can´t see the event perfectly–due to a question of broadcasting rights– something that is reserved for the corresponding services of broadcasting channels, such as GolTV or Yomvi in Spain, ESPN in the United States or Sky in the United Kingdom, to name a few.

Google Now, Cortana and Siri, all sports

The way that we follow sports? Yes, the mobile has also changed that

The new voice assistants that are in the main operating systems also have sports fans in mind. Thus, the option to consult the results is among the functions that we can ask Siri in iOS and Cortana in Windows Phone. Google Now (now integrated into a launcher too) even asks about the teams we want to follow to stay informed about everything that happens.

We are only at the beginning of each notification service that will improve and become more efficient with time. Will we one day see the goals of a football game after scoring, thanks to Google Now? It´s not an option we have at present, but if the future will give users what that want easily and directly, this is the way.