You just go out. In your bag you’re carrying a cassette, a notepad, a camera, a calculator, a book to read, a travel guide, a map and a dictionary. You are a tourist in the 80s, you’re piled high and probably have the feeling that you’ve forgotten something. Nowadays you would just bring a phone that you could use for all that and much more things useful for your everyday life: now if you’re wearing a watch probably is because you just got used to it or because of the fashion (or maybe it’s even an iWatch). An mp3 player or even a portable radio? Why? If everything fits in one single machine!

In this infographic we’re showing you over twenty devices and complements that you could now save thanks to one single smartphone. Which one was your preferred one, or is there some gadget that you’re missing specially?

The smartphone is the all-in-one you need

You can download or view the infographic in larger size here

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