Wherever you are, find your doctor with Doctoralia

Image | Doctoralia

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What is Doctoralia, and what is it for?

Doctoralia is a search engine for doctors and private health centers. It is present in 21 countries and operates through geolocation technology, also offering the possibility of sharing opinions with other patients, and booking appointments online.

Who are you all? What is your background?

Our company was founded by 3 partners from the medical and technological fields.

Why did you decide to start an initiative related to the mobile sector, and with what objective?

Doctoralia was the natural continuation of the platform already existing on the traditional website, with the difference that the application works based on geolocation. The objective is to provide users with our services in 21 countries.

In what way is your app special or genuine?

Supporting the app is the Doctoralia platform, already well established, with more than 100 million users in 2013. The model is solid and the information is being continuously updated.

Wherever you are, find your doctor with Doctoralia

Image | Dr. Frederic Llordachs

How will your app change the lives of those who download it?

It will help users to find the doctor or private medical facility they need, where they need it, in the most convenient way. In summary, greater convenience in the management of their medical needs.

What do you think the mobile scene will be like in four years?

The health sector is evolving towards real time connections, with shared, customized information. The solution lies in mHealth, and hopefully this will become a reality in less than 4 years.

Branch Mobile health
Workers 37
Foundation 2007
Description Guide to doctors, professionals and clinics
Website doctoralia.com
Twitter @Doctoralia


Address Josep Pla, 2, edificio B2, planta 13. 08019 Barcelona
Phone +34 931 770 078
mail fllordachs@doctoralia.com