Health 2.0 Europe 2014, health professionals meet in London

Health 2.0 Europe 2014, health professionals meet in London

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From 10-12 November London will host the Health 2.0 Europe 2014 congress, one of the premier events in the series periodically organized by Health 2.0. More than 500 health professionals specialized in mHealth will meet at the 5th edition of this congress to examine in depth the applications of mobile technology to health 2.0, establish links through networking and, all together, to find new Health and Healthcare solutions. London previously served as the Health 2.0 headquarters in 2013, when it drew over 475 professionals, 80 speakers and 30 journalists. According to Pascal Lardier, Executive Director of Health 2.0, “Health 2,0 is a bridge between entrepreneurs and major actors in the world of health, with the objective of making technologies useful to patients.” The voices of patients, therefore, will be included in the debate, with a view to them becoming one more actor on the health care technology scene.

In 2014 the Mermaid Conference Centre will once again host talks and demonstrations by dozens of speakers. The exhibitions will feature the most innovative ideas produced by health care R&D in recent months. Joan Cornet, Director of the mHealth Competence Centre, one of the International Competence Centers of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation, will travel to London to participate as a speaker at the session Regional Strategies to Accelerate 2.0 Adoption. Along with Beverly Bryant, representing NHS England, he will analyze how the major European capitals, like London itself, Berlin and Barcelona, are competing to be named the European capital of health care innovation. The session will take place on 10 November at 5:45 pm, moderated by Brian O’Connor, from the ECHAlliance.

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Other notable talks will include:

The event will also be rounded out by networking, specialized workshops, and a forum for investors.