You wish to launch an app. You have great ideas, and you’ve even designed a logo, you have a marketing and communication plan, a comercial strategy, and of course, a complete business plan. But what you are still missing is an app, since actually you have no idea of technology at all.
We’ve showed you how to learn to make apps without being a developer, but if you need a good and complex app you’d rather get some professionals do it. And how could you explain an agency what do you exactly want? You really need a good briefing to explain it, a good, precise and detailed one, so programmers and designers will full understand you and you all can finally launch the next hit that breaks the market1

Slashmobility has already explained us how to prepare your briefing , but now is showing it on a visual way. You can also watch this infographic larger by clicking on it, or if you prefer the version in Spanish in Slashmobility website.

Do you want to get an app? Learn how to make a good proposal

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