Global Entrepreneurship Week: innovate with universal vision

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Entrepreneurs are leading a movement of change in many countries. This movement not only is based on economic improvements, it is an attitude with consequences and cultural changes for the benefit of the whole society. Entrepreneurship and innovation are helping the world overcome some of the challenges that have been established along the last few years and, in many ways, improving the lives of citizens.

This week is being celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a global initiative dedicated to entrepreneurs in which more than 25,000 events are organized in 150 countries. GEW provides to its attendees the possibility to test their skills, assess their ideas, meet mentors or investors that can help them to develop their ideas, and, finally, discover how the world of startups in a local, national and global level.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week initiative has the support of Governments and entrepreneurs around the world who have come together to promote the values of entrepreneurial culture. In the case of Spain, GEW has different public and private partners like Barcelona Activa, Impact Hub Barcelona, MADRID EMPRENDE, PalmaActiva, Fundació Privada d’Empresaris FemCAT, BLE Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs or Startup Weekend.

Among many other activities framed within the celebration of this entrepreneurial initiative, the Rafael del Pino Foundation organized the meeting “Entrepreurship in a global world – myths and realities”. The members of the Advisory Board of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Spain were presented during the event. The members selected to represent entrepeneurs in spain were Aleix Valls, Director of entrepreneurship and innovation in Barcelona Mobile World Capital and responsible for 4 Years from Now (4YFN), Adrián García Aranyos (Endeavor Spain) and Benito Jesús (entrepreneur and investor), Luis Martín Cabiedes (Cabiedes SCR), Ricard Garriga (YouNoodle and Menorca Millennials). All of them had a conversation about some of the keys to foster a more entrepreneurial society.

Throughout the Global Entrepreneurship Week a large number of activities are organised in different cities of Spain. All these acts are intended to inspire young people to turn their ideas into reality and help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through the dissemination of good practices in their business.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona promotes entrepreneurship as a catalyst for mobile innovation and as a key agent for the progress of the economy and business community. The Programme of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PEI) is currently one of the foundation's main efforts, and is meant to accelerate this transformation.

The PEI’s activities include 4 Years From Now (4YFN), an international mobile entrepreneurship event sponsored by Mobile World Capital Barcelona to place supply and demand in contact, promote knowledge transfer, and encourage networking among entrepreneurs, professionals, startups, accelerators, incubators and investors from around the world.

Mobile World Capital presents a global vision that effectively integrates mobile technologies into the fabric of the industries transforming our lives. Committed to expanding the mobile experience throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain with strong support of the public and private sector.

Mobile World Capital is leading mobile transformation through commitments in Competence Centres, local Industry Development, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation programmes.

MWCapital offers an open platform and exhibition showroom where citizens can understand and experience how mobile is enhancing our lives: The Mobile World Centre, located in the heart of Barcelona on Plaza Catalunya.

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