The future of m-Commerce and fashion, to debate in Barcelona

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The world of fashion is finding new business models thanks to the implementation of new technologies. First came the ecommerce platforms that managed to change the way in which users purchase items. Later, and due to the success and adoption of the mobile devices, many platforms were adapting their catalogs and tools to this new medium. Now are the physical stores that, after seeing the acceptance of this type of initiative, are starting to introduce all sorts of mobile tools in their establishments in order to improve their customer purchase experience.

Who is involved in this subject? Startups that mediate between traders and the user. Services like Foursquare are already taking advantage of the “constant location” provided by mobile devices. Such tools notify us when we are passing through a place that can interest us either because they know our preferences, because a friend has left a tip linor because there is an offer that might interest us.

And why aren’t more retailers interested in these technologies? While it is common to see these technologies interact with customers via mobile phones in shopping centres (from Bluetooth to their own applications), there is still work to be done in the small shops in shopping streets: they are touristy places where people go for a walk, and a simple notification via your phone could make a sale.

This Friday November 21 will be held the event “M-Commerce con M de Moda“. This initiative, launched by Ecommerce & tech, entity that brings together the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and startups in the digital and technological industries of Barcelona, and the online fashion outlet Privalia, together with Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Caixabank, will bring together over 200 professionals to discuss the current situation and future trends of mobile commerce.

The meeting will be focused on the impact of m-commerce from two different perspectives: the world of fashion and the technology sector. The event will feature presentations and round tables formed by professionals like Luis Pertusa, Head of Sales for Southern Europe at Facebook; Elena Carasso, Online Director at Mango; Enric Jove, managing director in McCann- Erickson; Oscar Pallarols, Director of the Smart living program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Marc Cortés, Partner and Director of RocaSalvatella.

On the one hand, there will be a round table in which representatives of the technological world will discuss the situation of the online sales platforms and the trends that will shape the future of commerce based on mobile devices. On the other hand, representatives of brands such as Mango, MUNICH and Nice Things, will present their point of view on the situation of both small and large retailers when it comes to deal with this new trend that has been already adopted by users.

The Mobile Transformation Programme (MTP) aims to promote and stimulate Barcelona's key mobile sector, in addition to directly educating citizens and visitors about Barcelona's role as the world's mobile capital.

The strategic sectors to which the MTP assigns priority are Tourism (hotels, dining, etc.), Retail (shopping, commerce, etc.) and the Creative Industries (gaming, audiovisual, culture, etc.).

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The future of m-Commerce and fashion, to debate in Barcelona

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