The 10 main rounds of financing for Catalan startups in 2014

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2014 was a good year for Catalan startups. Close to 139 million euros in venture capital was invested, according to numbers from the first three quarters provided by the association ASCRI, in collaboration with the website webcapitalriesgo.

Leading this flood of investment, two Catalan companies have ended up with the biggest slices of the pie: Scytl and Socialpoint.

The former raised a total of 83 million euros in an operation that involved five international funds including Vulcan Capital (Paul Allen) and the German SAP. Scytl, with its HQ in Barcelona, has become the international leader in the implementation of electronic voting systems (see vota futuro, vota móvil). Its international presence extends to 20 countries and it has participated in elections in the United States, Europe and Latin America. To date, the company led by Pere Vallés has received 92 million euros of investment.

The 10 main rounds of financing for Catalan startups in 2014

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Socialpoint occupies second spot on the list of total investment received in 2014. The video game developer raised 23 million euros with the participation of funds such as Highland Capital, Idinvest and Greylock. Since their establishment they have received a total of 35 million euros in investment. In the meantime, they have launched games such as Social Empires, Social Wars, Monster Legends and Dragon City.

Redbooth (€9M) and Kantox (€6,4M) took the third and fourth positions. It so happens that the majority of venture capital businesses that have invested in these Catalan startups are international. It’s a sign that shows that while in the first years of business the venture capital will tend to be Spanish, but when it comes to consolidating projects and taking the definitive leap, foreign investment becomes more important. The first Spanish investment fund to appear on the list is Cabiedes & Partners, who have participated, together with Partech Ventures and IDlinvest, in the acceleration of Kantox.

The fifth to 10th spots were taken by startups that continue to receive both foreign and national investment:

  • Groupalia (3,5 €M)
  • Promofarma (3 €M)
  • Wallapop (3 €M)
  • Force Manager (2,8 €M)
  • ByHours (2,6 €M)
  • Blueliv (2,5 €M)

To date, these 10 Catalan startups have managed to raise 211 million euros — a figure that will increase in 2015 if market predictions hold true. The year ahead is predicted to be a good one both for attracting capital and for participating in big deals.

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