Smartphones are the new Santa Claus

Image | Jason Howie

Christmas leaves indelible marks for the rest of the year. Santa Claus has made his annual trip, invading our homes with colorful gifts for us to enjoy in 2015. It’s less work each year, as Santa Claus and his elves have a smartphone and are already enjoying the benefits of “mobile-commerce”. This year, we came to realize that Santa and his elves are actually our own cell phones.

The latest data for e-commerce through mobile devices demonstrates the trend: we spend increasingly less time in malls during Christ and prefer to buy conveniently through apps.

  • The data shows that Americans bought through their mobile devices this holiday season. The group IBM Digital Analytics published the sales data of 800 online American stores before the end of the year. They observed that purchases from mobile devices are a growing trend: 34.8% of total internet Christmas sales were carried out through these devices. What’s more, this figure grows every year by about 20%. Mobile purchases accounted for 22.6% of total sales since November, when people began doing their Christmas shopping.

  • The smartphone is the preferred medium for looking at online stores. According to the data from IBM, smartphones were responsible for 31.2% of total e-commerce traffic during Christmastime. Americans like to consult catalogs online during this period – however, when the moment arrives to click on the shopping cart, they definitely prefer to use a larger device in order to see all the details. Tablets accounted for 13.4% of online sales, while smartphones accounted for only 9.1%.

  • Amazon’s customers are also increasingly using their smartphones. The technological giant has confirmed that 60% of Christmas sales on were carried out using mobile devices. As the big day approached, sales through the devices increased. And as predicted, many finally preferred to go shopping in person, while those who wait until the last minute often buy their gifts online.

  • “M-commerce” is also growing in Spain. Three out of four Spanish online stores already have a mobile version of their website. The company ‘outlet’ of online fashion store Privalia is an example of this: 52% of its transactions are already through mobile devices. “Practically half of the new customers to our website come through mobiles,” said Lucas Carne, co-founder and president of the company.

  • The future is mobile. The sales derived from “m-commerce” in Europe will reach over 142 billion euros in 2018, according to a study by the consultancy Forrester. That year, Europeans will already be doing 49% of their shopping on the internet, using the devices that they bring everywhere.

After the festivities of Christmas will come the post-Christmas sales and people will start hunting for deals. On average, each person will spend about 80 euros. If you prefer to avoid crowds and long lines, you can always turn to your cell and win back hours of your life.

Shopping has already arrived online, and the experience can be much more pleasant if we only have to slide a finger over our screen to get what we want.

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