Mobile Health arrives in Barcelona for MWC

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Why wouldn’t technology and health get together? Nobody said that technological innovation would only mean having mobile phones with various apps that merely entertain us and not much else. As it has already been shown on more than one occasion, current — and future — technology can also improve our quality of life (literally).

There are already indications that the tech revolution is influencing the health world: robots want to be our nurses, tablets will become biosensors and mobile phones may soon become another birth control method.

Specifically, your mobile phone has a lot to say when it comes to the future of healthcare. Using mobile devices in medicine, also known as ‘mHealth’, is gaining ground and, naturally, it will also be present at the next Mobile World Congress, which is to take place from March 2 – 5.

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry along with health organizations and companies will join in on the activities organized by the health team from the MWC foundation. The activities will be aimed at promoting the transformation of the mobile industry towards a trend that is more than clear: health assistance, education and health data processing will play a key role in our mobile devices.

Mobile Health arrives in Barcelona for MWC

With the support of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), the foundation’s Mobile Health team will coordinate activities focused on analysis of how technological innovation is transforming health and wellbeing.

Lectures, discussions and presentations on upcoming mobile technology will make up the program, touching on absolutely all fields of mHealth. Among the numerous topics to be discussed by experts in the first week of March in Barcelona are the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of mHealth technology and business models that companies can adopt, as well as more specific aspects such as the use of mobile technology in the pharmaceutical sector and its impact on the treatment of chronic diseases.

In addition to the theoretical analysis of the consequences of the advent of ‘mHealth’ in the health world, practical workshops and product launch presentations will be held at the congress that will give us insight into the future of medicine.

Startups, SMEs and large companies like Adidas will travel to Barcelona to present their innovations to the emerging mHealth field for the future — a future in which wearables will play a major role as measuring instruments for each and every one of the parameters that affects our health.

The future is also arriving at your Doctor’s office; soon you will be able to send your personal health data directly to your doctor through your mobile phone.

The mHealth competence centre forms part of Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s Programme of International Competence Centers (PCCI). mHealth works with a three-fold objective: to identify mobile technology opportunities in the provision of health services, to transform current healthcare models and processes, and promote the interoperability of health services in the field of mobile technologies and connectivity, building foundations that make it possible to integrate mobile health solutions.

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