Phonetastic: Make it all the way to Hollywood with your smartphone

Phonetastic: Make it all the way to Hollywood with your smartphone

Participants are eligible for the award in two categories: Best Short Film and the Phonetastic Public’s Choice Award. The winning film in the latter category is decided by users registered on the Phonetastic website. The winners will be announced at the closing gala of the Sitges Film Festival, which in 2015 will take place on Saturday, 17 October.

In addition, the short films participating in the competition will be eligible to qualify for the awards for Best Short Film of the Fantàstic Official Section and Best Animated Short Film categories of the Sitges Film Festival. In the event that any of the Phonetastic shorts wins, it is automatically submitted for consideration to the Oscars® selection committee, because the Sitges Film Festival is one of the festivals qualified by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® in Hollywood.

There are some interesting additions to the 2015 Phonetastic Sitges Mobile Film Festival, such as promotions and prizes that will be announced one by one on Twitter and Facebook. Finally, the festival will also offer master classes taught by great talents, as well as workshops and tutorials, so anyone interested in the cinematic arts can learn to use the most suitable apps to make their own movies. All the latest news and developments can be followed on [Phonetastic’s official website](http

As Elijah Wood says, “you have a camera in your pocket”, so use it and start filming!

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