On 3 February the regional government of Catalonia approved the first mHealth strategy to be promoted in all Europe. The initiative came about with a view to expediting the transformation of the health system and social services, and improving public health and social welfare, while bolstering the system’s sustainability and making it more accessible. The TicSalut Foundation, working with Mobile World Capital Barcelona, will coordinate the project.

The implementation of the “mHealth.Cat” plan will favour the generation of an atmosphere of trust towards all mobile technology tools (from mobile devices to specific apps and telemonitoring tools) that can help to furnish citizens with services. This trend in the health system will make it possible to promote a sustainable, high-quality healthcare model at the public’s service, focused on improving health-related results.

“mHealth.Cat” is, then, a key element to fostering the transformation of the social services and healthcare system, boosting quality while rendering it sustainable and a model to be followed. The TicSalut Foundation, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the other departments and organisations engaged in the project will work to provide citizens with a social and healthcare model that responds faster and is smarter, with more customised, proactive and predictive services to provide people with greater independence and the capacity to take responsibility for their medical histories and personal data.

“mHealth.Cat” will also include a showcase of health sector and social service applications, which will have first passed an accreditation and certification process, thereby yielding a safe section featuring all kinds of mobile technologies from the Department of Health and the Department of Social Welfare and Family Affairs. Health and social service professionals will be able to recommend these tools, which will be made available to all citizens using health and social services” For example, a person with diabetes could enjoy access to helpful tools to treat certain injuries, get diet advice, or receive disease monitoring and remote medication services. 

The mHealth competence centre forms part of Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s Programme of International Competence Centers (PCCI). mHealth works with a three-fold objective: to identify mobile technology opportunities in the provision of health services, to transform current healthcare models and processes, and promote the interoperability of health services in the field of mobile technologies and connectivity, building foundations that make it possible to integrate mobile health solutions.

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