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Can we disrupt something as established and ubiquitous as a calendar, map or online form? Well, yes. The calendar app Sunrise, for example, has done so well that they were purchased by Microsoft for $100 million. And it’s not because there aren’t already many calendar apps that come pre-installed on mobile devices, or many other similar apps.

So, why can’t there be this type of innovation in the world of online forms and surveys, even if the sector already seems saturated?

While the sector of online surveys and forms may not seem attractive at first glance, certain startups have seen an opportunity for reinventing it. Their users, clients and investors are in favor, as there’s no shortage of reasons to innovate. Here are a few proposals we find interesting and useful, along with their products and breakthroughs to date:

Formisimo: exploring data in web forms

Who said there’s no room for innovation in surveys? These startups offer the answers

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Why do some people stop halfway when you ask them to fill out a form on your web site? What are you doing wrong? Online forms tend to be a headache for users and designers, who know that unnecessary boxes, various pages or indecipherable questions await them, leading them to abandon them altogether. Formisimo, a startup from Manchester created in 2013, wants to fix this problem: they offer specialized analytics in online forms so that their clients — companies like Go Cardless or the FInancial Times — know what’s going wrong in the process and how to improve it.

Last June, after finishing the Seedcamp program, Formisimo received a seed venture round of 350,000 pounds. With a 14-day free trial version, their payment plan starts at 49 pounds per month.

Typeform: making surveys look good

“No one likes filling in forms/surveys, especially not on touch devices. When touch technology came in, mobile browsers had to build a layer to interpret HTML forms, which were never conceived for use in touch technology, resulting in a cumbersome experience.” said David Okuniev in an article by Techcrunch regarding Typeform: the ‘next generation’ of online forms. Because ‘asking questions should be easy, human and beautiful’, as their slogan proclaims, Typeform adds a layer of usability (and multi-device functioning) to things that others have not paid as much attention to.

Who said there’s no room for innovation in surveys? These startups offer the answers

Founded in Barcelona and launched in beta in April 2014, the company raised 550,000 euros in September to continue developing the product. Its business model? They charge for added features in a few ways: the ‘recurring’ plan (25 dollars per month or 240 per year) or the ‘pay as you go’ plan, in which you pay for a 10-dollar credit that lasts you a month — without subscribing to a recurring plan. It’s a contrast to many freemium models, showing another way in which they’ve managed to innovate.

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