They began sneaking, almost unnoticed, into our pockets and, slowly but surely, have become much more than just phones. The disruptive potential of mobile technology is  unquestionable—it has already sent phone calls and text messages to the ash heap of history, seeping into almost all areas of our lives. Upon witnessing its constant evolution from the first phones to today’s smartphones and wearables, one can’t help but wonder just how far mobile technology will go.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the major event to find out what the sector’s immediate future will be like. Within the MWC, 4YFN (standing for ‘Four Years From Now’)—an event for startups and entrepreneurs—will specifically focus on the mobile revolution. Held on the first day of the MWC and under the title ‘Disrupted by mobile’, this event will  evaluate how changes in mobile technology have made one sector after another go topsy-turvy, eventually sneaking into corners of our lives that were unthinkable not too long ago.

On March 2, 4YFN’s speakers will review and analyze many of the areas of our lives that have been disrupted by mobile technology. In addition, a single panel of industry experts will highlight what is in store for the sector’s future, answering questions such as: ‘What’s next?’ and ‘How far will the mobile revolution go?’

Hot topics from visual trends to the future of media will be discussed on the first day of 4YFN, which is to begin with talks featuring prominent figures from the media: the future of publishing via mobile will be discussed by Patrick Laive (co-founder of Next Web), John O’Donovan (Times) and Rosa Jimenez (correspondent to El País in Silicon Valley) in the first presentation at 4YFN.

4yfn day 1


The media are not the only players on the first day of 4YFN. If mobile technology has conquered each and every single part of our lives, it has been, in part, thanks to the various platforms that have arisen in recent years, earning a place on our mobile devices.

This is the case of sharing platforms, Waze and Airbnb. The traffic control mapping app and house-sharing platform are two key players in the mobile revolution, and will also be present on the first day of 4YFN: Di-Ann Eisnor, geographer for the Waze community, and Mike Curtis, vice president of Airbnb, will be talking about the future on March 2 in Barcelona.

Media, sharing platforms… If these leaders in the mobile revolution hold the keys to the future of communication, it is undoubtedly thanks to the tools that have made it possible. Thus, WiFi, the cloud and the future of mobile payments (through PayPal) will also find their place in this Monday’s program.

Due to mobile technology’s wide reach already being seen in 2015, activities and presentations on the first day of 4YFN will cover a range of related issues; the intensive program on the first day of the Mobile World Congress’ event for entrepreneurs will include topics from trends in mobile design through Bitcoin to Big data.