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In addition to seeing the latest wonders in the mobile world, at the MWC there will also be time for startups looking to attract future investors. Wednesday, March 4, will be the day for digital media to shine at 4YFN, with interesting lectures on the subject and a competition in which eight startups will be trying to prove they have the brightest idea.

Despite the crisis in traditional paperbacks, the world of journalism offers an attractive present and a promising future thanks to new digital media and new forms of storytelling—we are already more than familiar with concepts such as transmedia (developing a narrative across various platforms and formats) or brand journalism. Some of the sector’s  towering figures will be present on Wednesday in Barcelona.

Probably one of the most anticipated conferences is the one to be hosted by the president of Vice, Andrew Creighton and its CEO, Hosi Simon. Together they will discuss this publication, available in 17 markets and being noted for its journalistic video production and topics focused on a young audience.

When talking about new media, we cannot ignore Fusion, a web targeted at a ‘millennial’ audience with a blend of pop culture and irony, very similar to Vice’s. Isaac Lee, CEO of the company, will be talking about this platform and new ways of journalism, in Barcelona.

While digital media means new media, it also means that traditional media is adapting to a new environment. An example of this is television. François Moreau de Saint-Martin, CEO of Viaccess-Orca, will run through what are, in his opinion, the seven best practices in Internet and mobile technology to improve TV, which is facing major challenges due to YouTube and user-generated content.


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Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about wearables, phablets and content—and 4YFN is not about to leave any of these out. On Wednesday, there will be another panel discussion called ‘Content is King’. Among other speakers, we will hear from Shaul Olmert, founder and CEO of PlayBuzz, a service that is famous for its varied questionnaires and checklists that are being shared en mass in social media and that one can create oneself.

But there will also be time for reflection. The entrepreneur Andrew Keen will be interviewed regarding the publication of his book ‘The Internet is Not the Answer‘. According to the book, the Internet has brought about “a disastrous impact on our lives”, adversely affecting our culture and economy. This British-American author has published other books in the same vein, such as: ‘The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture’ and ‘Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing, and Disorienting Us’. Undoubtedly, his opinions will not leave anyone indifferent.

At the same time, eight media startups will be competing against one another, trying to show why they are the best of the bunch. They will have to prove their claim before a select jury including Cristina Riesen, head of Evernote in Europe; Phil Sage, manager from the toy company Hasbro and Krishna Visvanathanm, a venture capital investor, among others.

What’s more, conferences will be held by Rich Riley, CEO of Shazam, the application that identifies songs in just a few seconds, and John Ploumitsakos, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Sales at Twitter. What more could you ask for? See you all in Barcelona!