One of the biggest events for startups in Europe, 4YFN has closed its second edition and we’re already looking forward to the next one in 2016. More than 8,000 people have visited Barcelona’s historic district of Fira Montjuic throughout the week of the Mobile World Congress, talking not only about mobile devices ​​but also about entrepreneurs, investors and the world of startups in general.

As we have been informing you up until now, 4YFN activities were split into three main sections. Nevertheless, a number of other important activities were taking place within the event at the same time; many were targeted at the general public in order to raise awareness regarding tech initiatives that aim to improve people’s everyday life.

  • A particular section that grabbed visitors’ attention was actually the entrance to the area. The video chat company ooVoo installed an interactive panel showing different images in black and white. The images were being picked by a number of cameras encouraging visitors to perform various gestures and interact with the panel. It was a different way of showing that online video has come a long way in terms of machine-user interaction4yfn
  • The connected car: Audi was again among the major players at the event with several of its hybrid cars that showed attendees what the future of automobiles may look like. As we’ve mentioned previously on multiple occasions, the connected car has already arrived and it’s here to stay. The Audi A3 Etron is a vehicle that enables you to drive over 50 km on electric mode (the distance most people have to drive on a regular day), and an additional 800 km thanks to its petrol engine. Now there’s finally a true and clean hybrid available for everyone.


The proper use of natural resources is crucial for the times we’re living in. Several companies from the energy sector were present at 4YFN. One of them was Aqualogy, which showed visitors various systems developed to help us properly use one of our most vital resources – water.4yfn

  • Last but not least, numerous workshops were held over the past three days at 4YFN. In them, experts did their bit for the community by sharing their experience not only with those closely linked to the tech world but also with people from the general public.

In short, these past three days have been full of information, conferences and workshops aimed at bringing the world of technology and startups closer to the general public.