Image | Toymail

Communication between parents and children is essential, and now mobile phones make it easier, since many youngsters have some kind of portable mobile device. This new app seeks to strengthen that communication with younger children in an easy and fun way, without a smartphone or tablet. It’s called Toymail.

Available for iOS and Android, Toymail comes with “Mailman”, a cute toy shaped like a mailbox for our son or daughter. The way it works is very simple: we send a voice message through our mobile app and the wifi-connected toy receives it.

The toy checks for new messages every 30 minutes. When a new one is received, it starts making a sound which can be as original as a howl or a growl. The child only has to press the play button to listen to it.

There is no danger of strangers sending messages to your children, since the toys can only receive messages from previously specified mobiles. Kids can answer by pressing a button on the back of the toy and speaking.

Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill are the creators of Toymail. As stated on their business website, the idea came when Gauri was thinking how to easily send messages to the children of her friend Audry. Their business aim is to “create technology for children that does not put them in front of another screen.” Toymail Co. please to create more toys with new features over time. Toymail raised more than $83,000 (78,000 euros) on Kickstarter back  in 2013, far exceeding its initial goal of $60,000 (56,000 euros).

It is not the first time that apps connected to physical devices have been created. It was done before with Nabaztag, a cute rabbit that not only allowed for sending messages but also informed of weather and traffic conditions. Another similar app was Little Printer, a pocket printer that could give the daily news or a sudoku game printed out on a receipt-sized piece of paper.