Image | Bastien Deceuninck

A few years ago the startup concept was largely limited to 3 or 4 places that, at the time, were well-known clusters of innovation, such as Silicon Valley and Boston. Today this trend has shifted: entrepreneurship has gone global, with more and more areas dedicating resources to the promotion of local talent.

In 2012 Startup Genome and Telefónica Digital teamed up to conduct an in-depth study to analyse startup ecosystems – both well-established and newly-createdat the global level. With a view to helping entrepreneurs and investors situate their own experiences within these great entrepreneurial hubs, the report became a key resource to furnish the world’s main entrepreneurial ecosystems with visibility. In addition to Silicon Valley and Boston, some of the main ecosystems analysed in the study are Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Paris, Sydney and São Paulo.


Image | Startup Ecosystem Report 2012

In 2015, CrunchBase and Compass take the baton from the initial organisers to prepare, edit and publish a new study on the subject, which will contain updated data and trends on this emerging, constantly-changing sector. Aware of the very important role that Barcelona has played backing and implementing initiatives related to entrepreneurship and innovation, the City, the regional government, and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation join forces to place the city in the ranking, and for the data provided by local startups to be as precise and complete as possible.

In this effort they are asking for cooperation by startups, investors, incubators and accelerators: all the actors in the Catalonian entrepreneurial ecosystem are invited to respond to a questionnaire that will help to establish Barcelona as one of the world’s main startup ecosystems.

Get behind this process and help Barcelona grow.