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Making your bed, picking up clothes, keeping your room tidy and taking out the trash: for parents, a necessity; for children, a boring lecture that their parents insist on repeating time and time again. How can people educate their children so that they make these routines a daily habit?

Clearly children will never be very excited about making their beds or tidying up their rooms. There are, however, incentives that parents can offer them so that they end up doing it, whether they like it or not. The startup Funifi and the multinational Unilever have reached an agreement to work on Funifi Do, an application aimed at children that basically turns performing household chores into a game. Through gamification, with Funifi Do parents set the goals to meet , and children win points when they achieve them. At the end of the line there is a prize: perhaps an extra hour before going to bed, the promise of a weekend excursion, or a gift, chosen right from Funifi Do’s own store.


Image | Funifi Do

Funifi Do also features Unilever’s Cleanipedia, a virtual encyclopaedia of cleaning tips and techniques. Under the question “What do you want to clean?” a whole range of solutions appears to clean almost anything. From curtains to baby bottles, to, of course, smartphones: Funifi Do teaches you what you have to do to keep your place clean.

After signing a partnership with Funifi and incorporating the startup into The Unilever Foundry programme, the Anglo-Dutch company continues its process to identify disruptive digital projects. Andrea Airoldi, global media manager of Unilever, commented on Funifi: “Through the Unilever Foundry we received applications from startups from around the world to work on this initiative.“


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Cleaning, organising and, in short, raising today’s children so that tomorrow they become responsible adults. This is the idea behind Funifi Do that makes the application a much more significant project. The Funifi Do team works closely with child psychologists, teachers and parents to guarantee that the application meets online security standards and, at the same time, offers parents qualitative data so that they can make better-informed decisions.

Getting children to perform household chores is a tall order, but with Funifi Do, it’s just a little bit easier.