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The use of new technologies at a young age has lead to questions regarding whether they help or hurt the educational development of children. There are those who say that we are raising a generation of kids who run the risk of not learning to write with a pen or pencil as a consequence of using tablets or computers. It is clear that education is continuously becoming more digital, but like everything, it’s important to find balance between the old and the new.

Apps that help children learn to draw letters and compose words are doing just that. These solutions teach how to write with the support of technology, but maintaining the spirit of traditional writing. There are many interesting options you can find in the apps marketplaces. Here are a few examples:

Retos de escritura Junior

writing apps

The title of this Spanish language app translates to “Junior writing challenges.” It aims to improve writing through different types of storytelling. It is designed for children between 7 and 14 years old, but it also serves for parents, teachers and children’s authors. The way it works is very simple. By pushing the “start” button, the app gives the first suggestion to write a story. Once you choose the one you like most, each minute, the application offers various alternatives so you can continue adding new ideas, words, characters, phrases, places or situations to the story. It is an ideal way to promote the creativity of children.

iWrite Words

This app helps children learn to begin writing, and improve the quality of their writing — without the need for a pencil. Young learners draw the forms of the letters with their fingers, and a little cartoon crab helps them by guiding their strokes and numbering the way. This helps children learn to write correctly on their own without the need for a professor watching over them.

School Writing

This app helps with everything from how to write letters, to entire words and phrases. The unique content is presented through images and sounds. Some functionalities are very similar to Alphabet Board, an app that offers graphic explanations of how to make certain strokes and use different typographies. All of this with a clear and intuitive interface


This tool, developed by teachers is a good one for children as well as adults who are learning to write letters in English for the first time.

Intro to letters

Developed using the Montessori methodology, this app combines comprehension and reading exercises with writing both in upper and lowercase letters. It also includes practice exercises to sound out words, as well as name and identify letters.

Little Sky Writers

little sky writers

This tool developed by teachers is a good one for children as well as adults who are learning to write letters in English for the first time.

iDiary for kids

Allows little ones to improve their level of writing through entries in a personal diary. With this app children can write on top of photos, decorate their entries with stickers and share their creations with parents and teachers.

There are a huge quantity of applications that can help children write correctly. New technologies shouldn’t be seen as a threat. They are an opportunity and we should take advantage of them.