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Like the chicken and the egg, it is difficult to say whether running became fashionable before or after the appearance of applications that allow us to share our runs on social networks. Runkeeper and Runtastic, the two dominant apps on the market, share these features: they allow users to calculate the distance travelled, the time taken and the geolocation of the route.

However, there are also alternatives for those who don’t want to settle for notifying their friends on Facebook, and want more than just a record of their physical activity. With some apps you can get feedback from other athletes, compare results, measure your potential and set new challenges.


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If you like to run, ride or practice yoga, Strava is a great option. It functions as a tool for what they call “social fitness” where you can keep a list of your routes, set objectives and watch your progress as you work towards them. And as competition is important to keep up motivation you can pit yourself against other members of the platform by participating in challenges.

If you  don’t have a  team or partner to play with sign up forTimpik. This application allows participants to organize and participate in sporting events wherever they may be. As a natural consequence, you will meet new people who share the same sporting interests.

Of course, you can also use the app with colleagues or friends. You can create a calendar with forthcoming events, specify the availability of each player, relive experiences on a forum and look at individual and team statistics.

This move towards the social has not only been adopted by software startups. Hardware companies, such as the manufacturer of wearable technology Garmin, have been evolving in the last couple of years and have built apps that take advantage of all the information collected by their devices.

As they themselves indicate on their web page, with Garmin Connect users can analyze all of their journeys, create personalized training plans and, most importantly, compete against others to find out who is the sportiest of them all.

And all from your smartphone, no need for use complex software and not full of unwanted extra features.


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And these virtual spaces aren’t just for athletes; fans also have their place in the world of applications.

Just as sharing your fitness routine with couch potatoes isn’t going to be interesting for either party, neither is talking about a match with someone who has no interest in football. With this in mind, Hossein Kash Razzagui and his colleagues created Fancred, a social app where you can share your love of your favorite sport and team with other fans, and even the players themselves. Teams and players have profiles that fans can follow in order to interact and express their opinions during the broadcasts of the sporting encounters, a similar experience can be found on Lockerdome. On Fanatix, users can also share videos of the events.

With such a boom of sports and social applications, there’s surely the perfect app out there for you, whatever your preference.