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Data shows that the link between technology and health is getting stronger: investment in digital health startups keeps growing. After a record year in 2014, when eHealth and mHealth startups received more than $4 billion in investment (over 3 billion euros), the challenge for the sector in 2015 was continue that rate of growth. And so far it has.

As reported by Rock Health and StartUp Health, two agencies that analyze data on investment in the world of eHealth, the first quarter of 2015 ended with good news for the digital health industry. Investment in those startups during the first three months of the year reached astronomical figures: $900 million according to StartUp Health and  $630 million according to Rock Health (over 800 and about 600 million euros, respectively).

The difference between the two figures is due to the different methods used by the two firms to measure startups investments, but the trend seems clear: investors continue betting on the growth of companies in the eHealth sector.

Data and mobile health

Within digital health, startups that have managed to get the most financing are those dedicated to data analysis and big data. According to StartUp Health, this area received $202 million (about 190 million euros) in the first quarter of 2015.

Therefore, it’s not a coincidence that the startup that received the biggest investment during the quarter is in the big data sector. HealthCatalys raised $70 million (65 million euros). The company, founded in 2008, aims to transform health and improve the patient experience through the storage and analysis of enormous amounts of data.

It should come as no surprise that mHealth is also an important area. Mobile health is the cornerstone of ClassPass and Advance Health, two startups that have received funding totaling $40 million (over 35 million euros).


Photo | ClassPass

These two mHealth representatives, which are among the health startups that earned the most investment, have very different functions, but the same goal: to help improve consumer’s health from their mobile devices.

ClassPass is much more than a search engine. Through this platform, users can find a spot at one of several gyms in their city, allowing them to attend a different class each day and try different activities.

Advance Health, for its part, is a startup focused on mobile solutions for the direct management of patient health. Through the software developed by this company, both doctors and patients can collect and consult data that improve health care.

Advances in mobile health, and health technology in general, continue to be boosted by huge investments. We are moving toward a future where our mobile phone will know, and know a lot, about our health.