Photo | Nicolas Alejandro

Want to know the best times to fish, or how the position of the moon can affect the tides? These are some of the issues avid fishermen face.  But soon they might not have to worry, thanks to many fishing apps that are now on the market. Here are some that stand out:

Fishbrain is one of the most popular fishing applications in the world that brings together a community of amateur and professional fishers. It has a social component, too, as it’s the  users themselves who generate the content and the forecasts. Each participant may include data such as wave height, air temperature, humidity or general weather conditions. All of this is vital data for fishermen in helping them prepare to make the most of their time on the water.

Another interesting application is Tu marea (Your tide). It is a free application for fishermen on the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts. With it you can check the state of the tide on these two coasts of the Iberian peninsula and take advantage of the moments of high and low tide. It also allows the user to customize their favorite places on the coast according to different criteria. The highlight is the table of tides for the upcoming weeks with height charts so you know when the next spring tide is coming up.


Photo | My fishing companion

My fishing companion is an app with a name that speaks for itself.You can consult weather conditions, geolocate the best fishing spots nearby, or even add favorite locations. Moreover, as with Fishbrain, you can interact in real time with the user community and add audiovisual content and comments.

Trimble GPS Fish Free is one of the best applications for marking of fishing routes. It has three levels: the most basic is free, then there are pro and elite. The latter is the one that allows the user to get most out of the application, as it allows the viewing of maps offline and has all the tools offered by the app. Through the GPS, you can mark routes and points of interest where there has been the most fishing or where there are certain types of fish.

Fishing calendar is an ideal app for those fishing fans who love to consult solunar tables. This application allows you to see the best times for fishing in your area, in relation to the state of the moon.

An application similar to Fishing Calendar is Time2Fish. This tool informs you about the phases of the moon, its influence on fishing, the best times of day for fishing and offers a forecast weeks in advance. All of this information is shown with simple graphics and statistics, that give advice on the possibilities of a catch.


Photo | Fishing Knots Lite

There are other applications, like Fishing Knots Lite, that help you to make knots — one of the more difficult tasks of sport fishing. Thanks to its explanatory graphics, you can learn to make most complicated knot in just a few minutes.

And finally, the best app to help you find out if your  fishing day has been a success when you’ve left your scales at home. Fish Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the  approximate weight of your catch by choosing the species name from a large list and entering some parameters like the length and approximate thickness.

Thinking of going fishing this weekend? Get all your gear ready, and don’t forget to bring your smartphone with you — it will certainly come in handy.