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Magazines and entertainment guides are for many people a thing of the past. More and more people are turning to their mobile to find interesting plans in their city or decide what to do at the weekend, taking advantage of the benefits of geolocalization and recommendations from other users or their own friends.

In this article we will look at some of the most popular apps available.


fever app

No plans for today? Saturday night free? And Sunday? Fever offers its users plans for any day of the week, taking their particular interests into account.  Restaurants, concerts, sporting events and even trips are all on offer and, according to the company, enjoyed by 45,000 active users every month.

With numbers like these, it will come as no surprise that investors are taking an interest in the application. Recently, the app created by Pep Gómez raised 8,3 million dollars in financing (around 7 million euros) thanks in part to the the investor Alejandro Zubilaga, who joined with other famous names such as Jeff Pulver, an investor in Twitter, Bernardo Hernández, the president of Flickr, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos and the singer Alejandro Sanz to invest in the application last year.

Available for iOS and Android, at a single glance the app shows you plans for Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla y Málaga. And for those who fancy something slightly further afield, Fever can also find events in New York.


As with Fever, Gravy shows concerts, sporting events, films, plays and restaurants in your area, however the app also takes your mood into account. The app sorts activities into categories such as ´Classics´, for when you fancy a relaxed afternoon or evening, or ´Lively´, if you fancy a wild one on a Saturday night. It’s as simple as selecting the event you fancy and signing up to the list.

Time to Enjoy

If you are a busy bee and don’t have much free time, Time to Enjoy finds plans in your area according to the day and time that suits you. The application looks in your calendar, finds free slots and suggests leisure activities for them.  If you like the look of the plan, you are just a click away from signing up.


The perfect application for music lovers. Songkick tracks your preferences in the song library on your mobile and alerts you whenever one of your favourite bands or singers are playing in your area.

Available for iOS and Android, SongKick users can buy tickets, as well as add more artists from the application´s website. In a matter of moments the app will update and alert users to concerts according to their new preferences.


Songkick for iPhone – 100,000 Concerts in your pocket.

Another application creating a buzz is Yplan, an app that Londoners use to combat boredom on the weekends. As with the other apps mentioned, Yplan shows its users individual and group events and activities for every day of the week, morning, afternoon and evening.

Also available for residents of New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, the company has caught the attention of several investors. In December 2014, Rytis Vitkauskas´ app raised 24 million dollars in a round of financing (around 21 million euros), investors include Nokia Growth Partners. The investment firm operated by Nokia.

With this money the company will be able to increase the number of events and activities and add more features in order to stimulate conversation and interaction between the various users.