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When talking about the mobile revolution, our minds jump to the way our pockets have been filled with tools and platforms that have made our lives easier. Dozens of apps are now a part the daily lives of millions of people, and they have revolutionized the way we live.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact that consumers are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices without-a-doubt presents a great opportunity for businesses and developers. However, there is a much more profitable sector in the mobile world: apps for companies.

Kevin Spain, one of the directors of Emergence Capital investment fund, estimates that enterprise mobile applications in the corporate world soon could reach an astronomical figure: $100 billion (or about 90 billion euros).

This prediction is based on global employment figures. According to Spain, there are some three billion people working around the world, however only about 20% of them have access to mobile technology at work.

Therefore, the solution seems clear: helping the 2.5 billion workers around the world who aren’t using these technologies at  work get access to mobile tools. This, Spain estimates, would cost about $40 per worker (10% of what is currently spent on technology for an office worker).

From consumers to companies


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“Once in a great while, a revolutionary technology and platform comes along; one that changes the game in the enterprise”, according to Spain. “I think we’re in the midst of just such a revolution. In 2025, when we look back, it will be incredible to think that the mobile enterprise sector had less than $100 million of revenues just 10 years earlier.”

And the truth is that the range of possibilities opening up today is endless.

Any business sector can incorporate the mobile revolution, now or in the future. Any industry, from internal communications to customer relations, can benefit from the mobile platforms and applications developed using these multi-sensory devices. They have everything you need to make your employees more efficient and improve your business.

For these reasons, a more than profitable market in the development of mobile apps designed for companies will be created. To do so, first we must show companies the advantages of using mobile technology as a tool to improve their operations. After achieving this, the barrier of $100 billion will soon be broken.