A year has passed since the appearance of application projects like a Les Garrigues tourism guide and a virtual closet. They did so within the framework of the App Awards contest, the mSchools program initiative that acknowledged the best applications conceptualised, designed and developed by 4th-year Obligatory Secondary Education Students who took the elective course “App Education”.

The project made its debut during the 2013-2014 academic year with remarkable success – more than 6,000 students involved from more than 200 schools, with support from more than 250 teachers and 200 mentors – and has triumphed again in its second edition. 4th-year ESO students and, for the first time, secondary school, and vocational training students from across Catalonia learned how to put their application ideas into practice. In all 11,150 secondary school and vocational training students in the fields of Computer Science, Administration and Management, Commerce and Graphic Arts have been working throughout the academic year on the design of their applications.

After six months of hard work the time has come to present the results. On 5 June 2015 the TecnoCampus in Mataró will once again serve as the site of the App Awards Contest, an event that will recognise the top mobile applications developed by mSchools program students. The 2015 edition featured participation by a total of 134 projects in their initial phase, a 55% increase with respect to the first event. From this first figure, 32 finalist teams will be able to present their prototype mobile applications in an exhibition space that, like a fairground, will allow them to interact with the competition’s attendees and judges.

In this second edition of the App Awards Contest the students’ applications compete in four categories:

  • Robotics and device control
  • Leisure and personal management
  • Educational applications
  • Services for the community and citizens


Each of the categories offers two prizes: one for ESO students, and another for secondary school and vocational training students. There will also be a ninth award, to be decided by popular vote amongst all the event’s attendees.

A new development this year is that the prize offered by mSchools will be participation in tech camps specifically designed for the winners of the App Awards Contest. The innovative Tech Camp will take place from 18 to 26 July, and will allow the members of the 9 winning teams – some 45 students – to work with teachers who are experts in technology, programming, design, creativity and entrepreneurship, among other areas. In short, a prime opportunity to enjoy a complete immersion in the world of mobile technology and application design.

The winners of the App Awards Contest will also receive a Chromebook, courtesy of Zurich, so that they can use it at the summer campus, as well as several prizes offered by Xnergic.

What solutions will Catalonian students have invented for this edition? We shall soon see.