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The entrepreneurship and innovation sector is bursting with opportunities, for both the end user – who will ultimately benefit from new products and services – and for companies that are just starting out, which have numerous acceleration, coaching and investment programmes available to them.

These programmes include the BStartup initiative, organised by Banco Sabadell. Twice yearly since 2014 BStartup has selected 5 new startup projects with the objective of investing in their growth; 10 projects per year in all. Through this initiative Banco Sabadell invests €100,000 in each of these startups in exchange for a 5-15% holding in their share capital. The first part of the investment is issued in cash, whereas the second consists of a High Performance Program, valued at €30,000.

The BStartup programme is aimed at startups in the broad digital sphere, with the goal of investing in startups whose product or service is focused on the Internet, software, mobile applications, fintech, media, Big Data, the Internet of Things, security, e-health, education, e-commerce… All startups wishing to participate in the Banco Sabadell investment programme are to feature, as a minimum, an operative prototype supporting their business idea. This was the case with HeyPlease, a startup that developed a mobile app that makes it possible to request, pay for and exchange promotional offers using one’s mobile at bars and restaurants. Its CEO and founder, Matthieu Heusch, presented its application to participate in the second edition of BStartup with a view to securing a key agreement for his company when it came to distributing its solution.

When HeyPlease was one of the startups chosen to participate in BStartup, it was beginning to bill with its first bars in Madrid, and looking at the possibility of working with leading beverage brands in Spain to enable them to offer special promotional deals, directly at bars, via mobile. After its experience with the programme, being one of the startups in which Banco Sabadell invested, the mobile payment solution began its meteoric rise.

In addition to offering users a whole series of benefits, HeyPlease is an essential tool for tracking the consumption habits of bar and restaurant customers and the brands they choose. In this way the startup exponentially increases the potential for loyalty building and the offering of personalised promotional deals based on the consumer’s tastes. The potential of HeyPlease and the major advantages it offers establishments and customers led to the application being named the official bar and restaurant application at 4Years From Now (4YFN), the entrepreneurship and innovation event organised by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and GSMA.

Thanks to its participation in 4YFN, the team at HeyPlease made progress forging agreements with telcos and beverage brands, while furnishing the company with an additional quality seal. In the words of Heusch: our new customers are greatly reassured by this recognition we have received.” At this time HeyPlease is working with the Mahou-San Miguel group, offering specific promotional deals to customers who consume the brand’s products at leisure establishments.

For now HeyPlease still mainly operates in Madrid, although in the near future other major Spanish and European metropolises will enjoy access to the service. Moreover, just now Matthieu Heusch and his team are working on a joint solution with Banco Sabadell to be included in the packages of solutions that the bank offers to bars that are clients. The results of these negotiations will be revealed after the summer. All this because one day Matthieu Heusch decided that HeyPlease ought to apply for Banco Sabadell’s BStartup investment programme.

A new edition of the acceleration and investment programme is about to begin. Do you have a startup in the digital sphere? Present your candidacy: applications are accepted until 21 June 2015.