Image | Startup Weekend

When the weekend rolls around some people want to rest, others want to take a trip to the beach, and others want to party. But there is a lot more to do during those days when one doesn’t work, intense activities that can mark a turning point in one’s life.  And what is the best thing for an entrepreneur to do on the weekend of 12-14 June?

As in 2014, UP Global, the non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives, travels to Barcelona in 2015 to hold a new edition of its Startup Weekend. For 54 hours, beginning on the night of Friday 12, all comers will be eligible to participate in the startup creation process, from the idea through to incorporation.

Do you have an idea that can change the world?  Are you a programming fanatic? Do you have a mind ready and able to do business, but just can’t find one that motivates you? You’re not alone: at the Startup Weekend you’ll find everything you need to forge your desires into realities. Become an entrepreneur for a weekend, or for life!

At 5:30 pm on Friday 12 the Barcelona Growth Centre, in technological district 22@, will become a site where many disruptive ideas are transformed into actual initiatives.  That same afternoon everyone with an idea with the potential to become a reality will be able to present it to all the attendees. When the round concludes the latter will, in turn, vote on those ideas they want to work on most. At this point teams will be formed that, throughout the weekend, through the exchanging of ideas, will put together the structures of real startups: business plan development, the creation of basic prototypes… doing so with the help of mentors, business sector entrepreneurs, and professionals currently working at tech companies, who will guide them and put the finishing touches on the projects.

On the afternoon of Sunday 14 comes the moment of truth: all the teams will present their results before an audience made up of their peers and a specialised judging panel. The top projects will receive awards helping them to take their startups to the next level.

Startup Weekend is an initiative held all around the world, 45,000 students already having participated, and 80% continuing to work with their team or startup after the event, joining forces to create real opportunities.  Who would want to miss out on an experience like this?