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One day, around four years ago, the parents of Naveen Sharma, Dennis Klett, Gabriele de Gregorio and Marco de Gregorio, asked their children for help in renting out their vacation homes. They looked on the internet for a “a simple and reasonable solution,” in the words of Naveen, that would cover their three main requirements: a personal website, a reservation system and the means to manage both. There was nothing that fit the bill online, but they wanted to rent their houses, “So we simply decided to build the software ourselves,” explains Naveen.

“We figured that our parents weren’t the only ones facing these challenges, and realized that this software of ours would help others as well.”

And so Lodgify was born, a piece of software that lets users create a website for a property that is being rented, and then to use this website to manage their reservations, create an image gallery and a host of other services. The startup, created in 2012, has recently raised 600,000 euros in a round of funding, after being one of the companies invited to the prestigious Seedcamp accelerator in London.

The service is aimed at everyone who has a property to rent, whether it be an entire house, a bed and breakfast or a hostel. Its users hail from around the globe, from the United States and Canada (its primary markets) to Spain, Italy, France and Australia. For this reason, the software is now available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. The HQ is split between London and Barcelona and, by the way, if you want to work for them, they have a range of positions available.

Allowing property owners to be “less dependent” on sites that charge commission.

According to their figures, more than 1,000 property owners are currently using their software. You can buy a basic package for only 7 euros or, if you have more than one property, a multi-property package from 29 euros. An added bonus is that the websites created synchronise automatically with other reservation portals such as 9 Flats and even Airbnb.

Talking about the Lodgify package, Naveen highlights the mobile optimization of their templates and reservation system, “it allows you to easily manage reservations and to communicate with the guests.”

They don’t believe that some of the other services mentioned are their rivals. Naveen says “we don’t see Airbnb as a competitor. Our mission is to help property owners to be less dependent on commission-based sites. With Lodgify you can create your own brand and manage it according to your own rules. Ideally users would focus on their personal website and use the other webpages as a form of complimentary marketing.”

With the money raised in the latest round of funding, Lodgify is planning on increasing the size of its team in order to accelerate the implementation of new innovative features. A priority is the launch of a mobile application that will allow users to easily access and manage their reservation system.

Their plans don’t stop there: they are currently in talks about integrating their service into third party apps and they will continue marketing and trying to reach as many people as possible.  It looks like Lodgify has a big future.