We often talk about the opportunities that companies just starting out have access to. Hackathons, idea contests, acceleration programmes, participation in events with an international dimension … Now our entrepreneurship programme 4Years From Now also offers an exceptional opportunity to all those startups that want to take another step forward on the path to success: joining the delegation that will travel to Israel’s most important international high-tech event, the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival.

In early September Israel, known as a nation of startups, holds one of the country’s premier events, one that for the third straight year will boast the presence of hundreds of startups, venture capital organisations, business angels and representatives of multinationals that are leaders in their sector. In short, for a few days Tel Aviv will host some of the world’s top talent and innovators.

4Years From Now launches an initiative so that the 15 best startups in the mobile ecosystem can accompany the organisation’s delegation on a 3-day trip into the heart of innovation and technology. From 7 to 9 September the startups selected by 4YFN will enjoy an immersion experience in the high-tech world, allowing them to connect with top-level executives, qualified engineers, international investors and technological sector visionaries. Israel, on the cutting edge of innovation, is an exceptional location for the exploration of new trends and to get a jump on the market, thereby offering an extraordinary competitive advantage.

What is 4YFN looking for when selecting the startups?

The 15 startups that form part of the 4YFN delegation are to meet a series of requirements:

  • Present a product or service with a highly innovative component: whether it is the product itself, the process, the business plan, etc.
  • Have mobile technology at the project’s core.
  • Be a startup with potential for growth and global positioning.
  • Work on a project that can have a significant social or economic impact.

Any company with these characteristics can present its candidacy, regardless of its current development phase. The only imperative requirement is that they be startups established in a country other than Israel.


3 days of immersion

4YFN offers these 15 companies support through a complete line-up of activities: 3 days of total immersion that, in addition to talks and workshops, include access to exclusive meetings, cocktail parties and celebrations; more than 50 simultaneous events with the leading technological industry leaders. And, of course, lots of networking opportunities!

Some of the activities scheduled are:

  • Cities Summit Tel Aviv (7 September): With the motto “Cracking the Innovation Code,” this talk explores the possibilities of the public and private sectors in the promotion of initiatives that improve innovation in large cities.
  • DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference (8 September): The congress’s central act features all its technological innovation, and represents a great opportunity for forward-looking entrepreneurs to work together and build plans for tomorrow. This talk will be attended by representatives of the industry’s main leaders, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, GM and Facebook, among others.
  • DLD Urban Happening @Rothschild Boulevard (8 September): This startup party, to be held in the heart of the city, is slated to include over 25 simultaneous encounters.
  • A tour of different emblematic locations in the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to learn in-depth why Israel is the quintessential “startup nation.”

What must startups do to be selected?

All the startups that meet the specified requirements can choose to enter the selection process by registering their company before 12 July.

If you are an investor you can also join the 4YFN delegation and experience the Israeli ecosystem first-hand.  Come with us and get access to exclusive opportunities!

Three days forming part of one of the largest communities in the global entrepreneurship ecosystem? Startups of the world, pack your bags.

All the information and registration on the microsite that we have set up for the DLD’15.