Image |  Luca Casartelli

Entrepreneurship is a sport that requires previous training, both physical and mental. Firstly, it is necessary to have trained intensively so as to have various experiences upon which to base oneself in order to improve. Secondly, one must be prepared to confront obstacles, difficult times requiring great effort, and also setbacks. The process to found a startup from the ground up is similar: it requires patience, effort and lots of passion.

The analogy between sport and entrepreneurship forms the centrepiece structuring the conference that the international mobile startups forum, 4 Years From Now, is organising with the framework of the BizBarcelona congress. In “The Sport of Starting Up a Digital Business” attendees will discover how the values that are part of mountain climbing – effort, overcoming obstacles, and passion – are also central to entrepreneurial activity.

4YFN is participating for the second straight year in BizBarcelona, an event that on days 1 and 2 July will bring together, at the Fira Barcelona facility on Montjuïc, a total of 220 speakers, with 143 talks and 26 networking activities. In this way the congress stands as the premier platform for support to entrepreneurs, SMEs and the self-employed in search of business opportunities, guidance, financing, inspiration and assistance. The session “The Sport of Starting Up a Digital Business” will take place at the new BizEmprèn space, and will be moderated by David Domingo, 4YFN’s director of contents and technology. The session will feature Jaume Gomà, CEO of Ulabox, and Iñaki Uriz, CEO of Caravelo – a winning company at the 2015 4YFN Awards -, who will talk about their business experiences and how they strive to reach their particular “summits.”

What were their motivations to become entrepreneurs? What elements make the difference when it comes to achieving success? What phases must be passed through before achieving one’s first goals? Gomà and Uriz will review the different stages through which their projects passed, from the creation of their ideas and the building of their teams, to the challenges they have overcome and the advances which buoyed their respective business expeditions.

In addition to BizEmprèn, the BizBarcelona by Barcelona Activa convention also has a programme dedicated to promoting tools to consolidate and expand companies (BizSmes), and another focused on transversal services like business transfers, franchises and side events (BizGlobal).

All those interested in attending BizBarcelona and taking advantage of the great opportunities that this networking-oriented congress has to offer can still acquire passes.