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“One day you’re up at the peak and the next day you get the feeling you’re at rock bottom.” This phrase, which is not ascribed to anyone in particular, has been uttered on numerous occasions by many entrepreneurs – and all those who have thrown caution to the wind and decided to start their own business.

The ‘adventure’, as some call it, has been compared to a roller coaster ride – one day you’re at the top and the next you’re on the ground – however there are many parallels between the process of starting a business and that of climbing a mountain.

At least this is how it was described by two experienced entrepreneurs – Jaume Gomà and José Luis Vilar, founders of Ulabox and Caravelo, respectively. Both are participating in Bizbarcelona 2015 this week, a Barcelona event that brings together many personalities associated with the world of small and medium enterprise (SME) and entrepreneurship.

The talk, organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, was titled “The sport of launching a digital business” and was moderated by David Domingo, content manager for 4YFN.

Parallel journeys with the same objective

The journeys of Jaume and José Luis Vilar unfolded with many parallels. Both entrepreneurs had their first professional experience within multinationals like UBS and Orange, but over time the two decided to make the leap to start their own businesses.

Ulabox is an online supermarket that has become a leading example in the Spanish sector. Caravelo, on the other hand, is a new project that came out of ChangeYourFlight, a startup that participated in the last edition of 4YFN and received an award from the judges in the ‘disrupted by mobile’’. A few weeks ago, we interviewed them in this blog to learn more about the new products that they’re involved in.

For these entrepreneurs that are based in Barcelona, ​​the entrepreneurial process closely resembles sports. Specifically, it’s much like climbing a mountain. “It is a path full of difficulties, joys, obstacles and uncertainties and with no guarantee of a successful ending,” he said.

However, despite the difficulties encountered, both believe there is a common element shared among most entrepreneurs: passion. “It is the key ingredient that motivates you to do things and without it everything becomes much more complicated,” he said. “It’s what drives you to overcome your fears, fight for the project, get results and form a great team.”

And judging by the results, it seems that the formula is working for them.