Image | 4YFN at Smart City Expo World Congress

Do you have to get to the other side of the city, but don’t know what your best transportation option is? Do you want to visit a city, but don’t know where to start? All of this, which years ago meant hours poring over schedules and reading and rereading travel guides, is now a cinch. Smart cities are no longer science fiction, with more and more governments, along with private sector initiatives and projects, making a commitment to the implementation of smart solutions for the management of city services and their citizens’ day-to-day lives.

Barcelona is the best-positioned Spanish city in this regard, just ahead of Madrid, with a whole series of activities and initiatives launched over the course of the year to promote an innovative ecosystem in this area. The latest illustration of this is the Smart City Expo World Congress, the international summit on smart cities to be held in Barcelona from 17-19 November 2015. Mobile World Capital and 4Years From Now will play prominent roles at the congress through the organisation of a number of activities focusing on entrepreneurship in the field of mobile technology. The 4YFN Village, as well as a special edition of the 4YFN Awards, will allow entrepreneurs and startups to feature, for the first time, their own space and programme at this international congress, whose last edition drew 11,000 visitors from all over the world.

One of the main focuses of 4YFN’s participation in the Smart City Expo World Congress will be the creation of the 4YFN Village, an exhibition area for startups, with projects in the fields of sustainability, mobility, energy, technology and governability in smart cities. This space will be located at the Smart City Plaza, the event’s main exhibition centre, which will welcome political leaders and representatives of the sector’s main multinationals, research centres, investors and agents from over 400 city governments in more than 80 countries. This strategic location will provide those participating in the 4YFN Village with a unique opportunity to exhibit their products and services to a massive international audience.

The sign-up period to take part in the 4YFN Village is now open. Eligible are entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas, products or solutions in the field of smart cities and startups working on highly innovative projects using the most advanced technologies to transform cities. The 4YFN Village participation package includes, in addition to a place at the Smart City Plaza exhibition area, access to an exclusive meeting area to share experiences with a view to optimising projects, a pass to a series of networking activities for entrepreneurs, and access to the Smart City Expo World Congress, at which 4YFN will also organise a series of talks to promote entrepreneurship in the smart cities sphere.


Image | 4YFN Awards Smart City Edition

The other focus of participation for Mobile World Capital and 4YFN at the congress will be the organisation of a special edition of the 4YFN Awards to recognise the most ground-breaking ideas in the smart cities industry. The sign-up period for the 4YFN Awards – Smart City Expo Edition is already open, and startups can apply using this form until 25 September. Invited to apply are startups in the areas of technology, products and services related to the smart city ecosystem, regardless of their level of development, and those which aim to have a global social and economic impact.

The organisers of the award competition will select 5 finalists, to be announced on 15 October. The startups selected will present their projects in 5-minute pitches on 19 November during the Smart City Expo World Congress. A judging panel made up of tech sector and entrepreneurship professionals and investors will assess the innovation, viability and potential of each project in order to select the winning startup.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a startup related to smart cities, you have a golden opportunity to get your project exposure on a unique stage set to include sector professionals from all over the world.