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July is a month when families typically send their children to summer camps. Traditionally these are places where children and teens stay at sites far from the city, facilities offering a series of outdoor activities, games and excursions. Over time many of these camps have added educational programmes, like English classes or tutoring to review what students have studied during the academic year.

Until now, however, Catalonia had never featured a camp specialised in mobile technologies. Based on the  “App Education” elective, backed by the mSchools programme, Mobile World Capital Barcelona launches the first edition of the mSchools TechCamp. From 18-26 July 23 young winners of the App Awards competition, held on 5 June, 2015, will travel to Castellnou de Bages to experience a genuine immersion in the mobile technologies industry, with more than 30 class hours exposing them to the professional technological sector.


Some of the winning projects of 2015 mSchools App Awards will take part in the first mSchools TechCamp

The experience will include a range of elements, from the resolution of mobile app development challenges to workshops by expert professionals. Working methodologies, the programming of basic solutions for apps, graphic design, product viability, development costs, working with clients, adapting to the requirements set by companies, online marketing and Web positioning are just some of the topics the camp will address.

The mSchools TechCamp will expand on the knowledge that these 4th-year ESO, senior school and vocational training students acquired in the “App Education” course, and will employ a participative methodology. Teamwork will also be encouraged, in an effort to simulate an authentic business setting. In addition to receiving classes from teachers and professionals, the 23 students at the first mSchools TechCamp will enjoy its natural surroundings through activities and sports, like mountain biking, zip lines, archery, and quad rides, which will help to develop and to improve their teamwork skills.

During the 2014-2015 academic year more than 300 schools offered the “App Education” class, and nearly 12,000 secondary school students participated in the programme. From all the apps developed, 137 were ultimately entered in the App Awards, which yielded 24 finalists and 7 winners. Now it’s time to enjoy the prize: the mSchools Techcamp begins.

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